Small family welcomes guests in Santarem!

Countryside property with 4 dogs and a cat. Nothing but nature, vegetarian food and a good vibe. We live near Santarem , in a countryside property 8Km from the city, with great views and a pool. If you enjoy surfing, Nazare is 1H away, and Lisbon is 45 min away (car, train or bus).

We are Laura & Miguel :) We have been married for 7 years and we are 40 and 36 years old respectively. We have 4 dogs (Oli, Kat, Leia and Bilbo) and one cat (Rob). They are family to us. We love hiking, sci-fi, having dinner with our friends, enjoying a good movie, cooking and chatting about current world affairs. Miguel is a university law teacher and lawyer, and I am a manager in the travel industry. Our Family Rob, the cat, has access to the outdoors as well, where he wanders and hunts, but sleeps and eats at home, where he gets his cuddles and love from us. He has no special needs, except making sure he comes back home, has water, food and a good belly rub! He is used to sleeping with us. The dogs (who also sleep with us) are Oli, Kat, Leia & Bilbo. Oli is the elder of the tribe, he is around 11 years old and he is not aware he is a dog. He is, in his mind, a person. This means he gets all the perks, except eating with cutlery. :) He has Addison's syndrome and takes pills (Astonin) everyday. He has very special needs: absolutely no stress (not even getting a hair cut or nails cut is allowed by the vet) and always sleeps with us, if need be under the sheets. If you find this odd then maybe this is not the house for you. His medication has to be precise and cannot be missed at all. Kat, short for Katniss, is a 6 year old sweet calm princess with lots of curiosity about the world and lots of patience. She is very calm, but a little shy and very loving. She has Leishmaniose but has done her medication and she is clinically healthy. She loves (and demands!) her morning and nightly cuddles. Leia is a 3 year old princess, who joined us some summers ago. She loves chewing things (all things!!), taking naps, and running around. She needs constant attention, she is very scaredy and it takes a looong time and dedication to get her trust. Bilbo is our newest baby: he literally showed up at our doorstep, lost. He is 10 months old, 23K and growing (he will be around 25K when is is fully adult) and he has a LOT of energy. He is very smart and very docile. All of them were abandoned or lost and we adopted them from an animal shelter. They are part of the family.

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