Social Camping Jale

Social Camping Jale is a very social place with a community of friendly males and females . Social Camping Jale is a perfect place to spend summer as it diversity of nature offers that . We are some feet away of the beach and some others away of the mountain . The property is secured with cameras so everything is monitored . Activities during the day are endless and the opportunity to create new friends is very high

They will be in company with all staff , they will spend time together getting knowing each other .They will be helped everytime they ask or need something


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It was perfect and one of the best experiences of my life. The camping has an amazing great vibe and the enviroment is perfect for that (beach, nature, the culture). I met people from different countrys and all the staff are excellent persons who always take care of you. The tasks in the job were easy, considering you had partners you work and they give you a lot of free time to relax and discover the place and the culture!

I would definitely recommend you this opportunity. A week ago I left and a week ago I want to return. All my love to all staff, I miss you and I'll see you the next year

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