Social Restaurant in Haifa, Israel - Robin Food!

We are Robin Food - Israel's first social restaurant - located in the market of Haifa :) We are a project dedicated to creating a unique and accessible platform for engaging the public in sustainability, community and social action, by promoting local activities to combat the global food waste crisis. We do this through two main principles: 1. “Rescue” of food that would otherwise go to waste - from farms, shops and markets. 2. Together with our chef and many volunteers, preparation of meals for the public on a pay-as-you-feel basis. People can choose to pay for their meal and related activities of the project, according to their desire and ability. Payment can be in money or time. Through food, something that everyone needs and enjoys, we open up a range of subjects to engage in. Those who are less fortunate can have access to a great meal. Those who are part of the general consumer society can get a direct “taste” of the global food waste crisis and contribute to the project, with their money/time/skills. We plan to campaign to raise awareness, and organize relevant action around food waste in Israel. We now have opened Israel's first food-rescue restaurant, in the Talpiot market in Haifa! You should come to join us because we do a great job for the community. We want to change the world, and we need you in our beautiful and green revolution! You'll get to know a lot of local people, and also some other volunteers from abroad. You'll also find out a new culture and an amazing beach city, and a very diverse community.

Volunteers can expect respect, fun and kindness. In exchange, we appreciate positive attitudes, hard work and good vibes :) Robin Food is an serious project that requires responsibility and organization. At the same time, we try to be flexible with the volunteers, and we are happy to organize trips or, at least, give them as much recommendations as they need to travel around the country.


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it was a good experience!
+interesting tasks
+nice staff
+good food
+real social impact

- sometimes bad organized (in terms of schedule and communication in the teams)

its maybe one of the coolest world packer projects in israel and if they organize theirselves better it would be perfect

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Experiencia maravillosa en "Robin Food"!! El proyecto es realmente interesante y necesario, Shai es una persona emprendedora, comprometida, agradable y divertida!! He conocido a mucha gente estupenda de diversos países de todo el mundo!! Un 10!!

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O Shai é super flexível e extremamente agradável! o trabalho é bem legal e o projeto incrível!

hace casi 2 años

Perfecto para ti si estás buscando

Vegetariano / Vegano

Ciudad mediana / pequeña