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Source Temple Sanctuary is a bright gathering of those who have let go of the limitations of the common paths of the world and are practicing an alternative. It is a context leading to the excellence that comes only from the certainty of Reality Itself as our only Source and it manifests in the form of true relationships based on that certainty. Through a consistent demonstration of “Cooperation + Tolerance = Peace” we go beyond the self imposed limitations of our minds to re-establish a bright model of society where each and everyone’s way of being is a whole expression of their undeniable greatness. Volunteers coming to Source Temple would be entering as Karma Yogis through the Karma Yoga Program. Karma Yoga is the practice of selfless service, dedicating yourself to serve others. When you take away thoughts of yourself and attachment to the result and your ‘pay’ for performing the task, your real reward is given you; your spiritual path opens up. Carrying out a task where the focus is on being present in each moment, unconcerned about your own and others’ judgments of you and the task you have performed, using the task to express your love; in this you are blessed by naturally occurring healing. Our Karma Yoga program is the perfect experience for you if… You are feeling drawn to serve, to actively express love, to put your heart and soul into a task and feel genuine appreciation. You relish community living; building relationships with people searching for and practicing a different way of living. You have a feeling there is another way to be and you want to learn this by witnessing it, immersing yourself in it and practicing self-less service. We offer various programs in which you can practice karma yoga. The exact task depends on the needs that arise but we always find that the task you are given each day provides you with exactly what you need at that time. Karma yoga here at Source Temple includes tending to the vegetable garden, painting, cleaning, food preparation, cooking, harvesting vegetables, carpentry, tending to our other gardens and outside areas, building, homecare and maintenance: - Young Adults Karma Yoga If you are 35 or younger, we offer two week karma yoga programs with no financial cost. If you wish to stay on after two weeks, there are options available for a token financial investment. If you are 36 or over, check out our other Karma Yoga Programs. - Karma Yoga Retreats Participate in Karma Yoga in a Retreat context. These Retreats include accommodation, food and participation in some Source Temple Sanctuary activities. Financial investment: R$280 per week. Minimum one week stay. - Karma Yoga Learning Program Participate in Karma Yoga, learning specific skills such as Agroforestry and Arts. Minimum stay of one week. Cost per day R$560. Includes accommodation, food and some Source Temple Sanctuary activities. Additional fees may apply for Art projects. - Skills-based Karma Yoga Program If you have a specific skill that we particularly need, you can participate in a Karma Yoga Program of a minimum of one month, with no financial investment necessary. Food, accommodation and some Source Temple Sanctuary activities included.

We offer our guests a range of possibilities through which to access the heart of our gift as a Cooperative Community. Our practice and demonstration is based ~ at the core ~ on relationship.

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One of the most amazing experiencies of my life!
I want to be back as soon as possible!
I met incredible people and was an extraordinary experience.
Gratidão Source Temple! <3

13 días atrás


Being at Source Temple was an unforgettable experience. I have no words to describe how inspiring it was to be in this place and to experience a different way of living. It is living proof that man can build wonderful things when there is unity, collaboration, and love. I met people from all over the world, both locals and volunteers, and made great friends that I want to take forever. During the weeks I've been there I actually lived in a large family in a beautiful place, surrounded by nature, waterfalls and beautiful scenery.

29 días atrás

Marie & Woody respondido

Rafael was a very pleasant volunteer to have in Source Temple. very respectful for the people and the spaces. He was very serving and helpful. Gets along very well with everyone. He has a calm and balanced energy :)


It was the best choice to my first experience. I just felt conected with me so deeply and also with the others. People there are amazing you really feel like in family and it's nice to help everyone. And the place itself, amazing, everyday you can discover a new spot, waterfalls are so close you can go walking after service. You can also share experiences with people from all over the world. It's a really worthy nice experience you can have, just be open to the love and self-knowledge. Thank you everyone in that community. Thank you Peter, Woody, Marie, Ama, Glinda, Freedom, volunteers, all!!!

1 mes atrás


It was a unique experience having been to the Source Temple Ashram, everyone is kind, have love in this place! The place is beautiful, but the best are the people. I would especially like to thank Emilly, Glinda, Freedon, Peter, Waldo, Aurea and the whole Source Temple family, you guys are wonderful, it was an immense pleasure to meet you. I brought with me good memories and good friends, I hope to see you someday!

2 meses atrás


My experience in Source Temple Ashram was very good, the rhythm of work is well synchronized and very cool. Peter was kind and helpful, including the volunteers and everybody that were there too.

3 meses atrás

Marie & Woody respondido

Emerson was such an amazing guest to have here! He worked really hard and thoughtfully and we were so grateful for all of his service. He is also a very good dancer 🙂His time at Source Temple was much appreciated and he brought a calm and joyous energy to the whole place. Safe travels Emerson!

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