South Hostel Tarifa

Our kind of "urban kite-hostel" is located in the heart of Tarifa, just a few steps from the historical centre. We offer comfortable lodging to travelers from all around the world, with a touch of minimalist design.

We would like to receive packers who are engaged with our mission of making guests have a great time during their stay. We're looking for someone friendly who can give us a hand while enjoying our local tips from Tarifa. Apply and let us get to know you!


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I always do a one way trip and I ended staying all summer and coming back to see everyone before leaving Spain.
I enjoyed working here and made really good friends among permanent staff, other volunteers and some of the guest!
The work is easy and we could always organize our time with others wich was really cool!
Also you will fall in love with Tarifa and the energy of this place wich is well known for water sports and I will tell you even tough I didn’t practice any I felt in love with the people and vibe.
Thank you for everything!!! Maybe we will see again 😊

hace 7 meses



I couldn't have wished for a better time in Tarifa.
The atmosphere with the hosts and the staff was amazing, everyone was always super helpful. There is a coffee shop/bar which was really nice to meet not only traveller but also people who work and live around the hostel. Working during breakfast/at the reception/bar was usually easy going and fun. The hostel itself is really nice with its kitchen and common area, close to the beach and a little walk apart from the center.
I didn't want to leave and I'm definitely coming back.

hace más de 3 años



Mis amigos, familia y casa <3
No me quiero ir, y no lo harè.

hace más de 4 años

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