Spice Jungle Sri Lanka

Join us for an amazing adventure at our 50-acre plantation in Sri Lanka's Central Hill Region. Imagine a beautiful landscape with mangoes, jackfruits, avocados, and more growing together in harmony. It's a nature lover's dream! Come and be part of this unforgettable experience in the beautiful corner of Sri Lanka. Your adventure is just beginning!We're just a one-hour bus or train ride away from Kandy, a vibrant city. Our plantation is only 8KM from Matale, a charming town. You'll have easy access to nearby places.

But our plantation is more than just a pretty place. It's a gateway to unique experiences:

🌿 You can learn how to pick and process tea, enjoying some of the best tea and coffee.
🌳 Take care of fruit trees, from planting to harvesting, and connect with the earth.
🏡 Live like a local, becoming part of our friendly community.
🏞️ Explore the local area, uncovering hidden gems.
🌱 Help keep our organic tea and coffee plants healthy, preserving their amazing flavours.
🌾 Dive into the local community, discovering ancient farming practices and village life.
🐄 Learn to look after cows, chickens, and goats, forming bonds with these animals.
♻️ Join our eco-friendly mission by making organic fertiliser on our estate.
🛠️ Get to know local farming tools and equipment, learning age-old skills.
🍛 Explore the secrets of local cooking and savour delicious cuisine.
🏡 Contribute to our Jungle Hostel project, helping create a nature retreat.
🌟 Join our team promoting the hostel, making it a vibrant place with exciting activities.

== We need help in the following areas ==

🌿 Nature Protectors: Dive into our lush plantation, safeguard its beauty, and help maintain it smoothly.
📱 Social Media Wizards: If you're a social media whiz, help us spread the word about our eco-paradise. Share our story and inspire others to connect with our mission.
🐾 Animal Lovers: Care for our cows, chickens, and goats, forming special bonds and ensuring their well-being.
🏡 Dream Builders: Channel your inner architect and craftsman to assist in creating and upkeeping our Jungle Hostel, a serene nature retreat.
🧠 Knowledge Sharing: Share your wisdom with our community, fostering a diverse exchange of ideas and skills.
🌱 Green Thumbs: Join our gardeners in nurturing our veggie patches, supporting our farm-to-table mission.
🔧 Craft Masters: Whether you're a carpentry pro, machinery expert, mechanics genius, or tourism enthusiast, your skills are valued here.

It's not just volunteering; it's a chance to protect nature, tell stories, care for animals, build dreams, share wisdom, and spread goodness. Join us on this extraordinary journey where your unique talents will leave a lasting mark on our eco-paradise.

🌿 Your Cozy Home: Our plantation offers a charming house with comfy bunk beds in an open-air shed. You'll have all the essentials like water, electricity, and clean facilities for a comfy stay.
🌞 Refreshing Showers: Enjoy invigorating open-air showers surrounded by lush greenery. It's a natural way to recharge after your adventures.
🌳 Jungle Getaway: Exciting plans are in store! Imagine a new hostel in the jungle, surrounded by wild beauty. Stay in cool huts with coconut leaf roofs for a rustic yet charming retreat.
🌴 Relax in Nature: These huts are perfect for unwinding, bonding with fellow volunteers, or simply enjoying the peace of nature. It's where memories are made.

Our journey isn't just about volunteering; it's a chance to blend modern comfort with the wild jungle's allure. Join us for an adventure you'll never forget!

We've got a cozy house in the plantation, complete with bunk beds, water, electricity. There's even an outdoor shower and a restroom nearby.

Exciting news: we're building a new hostel in the jungle! You can stay in cool huts with roofs made of woven coconut leaves. It's the perfect spot to unwind and relax during your free time.

Friendly and caring staff will teach you all about farming and other activities. and you will be able to experience what its like to be one of the staff here at the Plantations.

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