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Volunteering at Spicy Villa is a great chance to stay in northern Thai countryside, in the middle of the jungle, and learn from locals about life in the mountains.

Staff at Spicy Villa is local Thai. Everyone is very friendly and accommodating. Volunteer managers are Ploy who speaks English and French, and Tawan who speaks basic English. Make sure to follow their tasks and rules, and you will have a good time with them.


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Wow! Such an amazing place to stay for a while. Very easy going atmosphere, with not too much work at all. Each day was different for me as characters and adventures came in and out of Spicy Villa. Sometimes you'll find yourself not knowing what to do with your spare time but just go outside and you'll come across some friendly local a hidden walking route or some adventure!
And as the other comments say, the food Tawon cooks is amazing! He is a really great guy and always like to have a laugh and some happy water with the volunteers. Chill, enjoyable and in a beautiful area!


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It was my first time volunteering I booked for 1 week and stayed 3 weeks. I got no word for this experience. Just go and live it. I loved to be there I just felt like home had so much fun. Thank you Tawan you are the best! Hope to see you soon, sure I will come back one day.


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Such a beautiful place and amazing experience! Perfect to get in contact with local people, most of the workers here are from the Karen tribu. Organic farm and nature all around the place. Towan and Joy are super friendly and easy going to work with. I loved everything, the kitchen is where real magic happens. Task are easy and you have also time for your self. Fully recommended, would come back to this place again and again. Thank you Spicy Villa!




Spicy villa is the best place in the world! I love everything there!! Tawon and Joy are fantastic! Everyone has treated me like a daughter, they have been amazing! I can only have words of love towards them! It was a shame not to be able to stay anymore, but a piece of my heart has stayed with them in spicy villa! next year I will be back! thanks thanks and thanks for everything!
By the way... the food are súper súper suuuuuuuper good!


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Spicy villa was a wonderful experience all around. Everyone treats you like family. Nothing but love spread around. Free deep massage in the waterfall is a blessing- can't wait to come back some day.


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