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Volunteering at Spicy Villa is a great chance to stay in northern Thai countryside, in the middle of the jungle, and learn from locals about life in the mountains.

Staff at Spicy Villa are local Thai and karen. Everyone is very friendly and accommodating. Volunteer managers are Tawan who speak basic English. Make sure to follow their tasks and rules, and you will have a good time with them. The required minimum stay is 7 days (a week) We have 2 options( latest updated 17/03/23) Both options are start only Monday and thursday.2 days aweek . 1. Week with no extra activities fee is 2000 baht+100 baht for insurance 2. Week with Extra activities (bamboo rafting + elephant bathing and feeding experience) fee is 3000 baht +100 baht for insurance Fee is the way to help us for our transfer and activities on day off that we offer We offer ( included) - share female dormitory - male dormitory - mixed dormitory -Private room for a couple -All meals -Cooking class -fee one day of a week (normally Sunday) for a hike and jungle lunch cooking at the waterfall (good experience) -wifi - pool table - kitchen use - transfer up and down to bus station in ban kad .Maewang -next visit stay free as a guest and family - (1-2 days stay extra nights no charge but donation accepted).


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I really liked my stay at the Spicy Villa because the place is beautiful and the work wasn‘t that hard. We were also a lot of volunteers so it was very fun to hang out. I loved the food an the cooking with Tawan!

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This place was really beautiful and the food was usually very good. Tawan was really kind and easy to get along with. The elephant sanctuary next door did not seem very ethical and I never really knew how to help out because the owner barely spoke to me, even when responding to my questions. I felt a little awkward and confused during working hours, especially when the villa owner was there. But I got to stay in a bungalow with an outdoor shower that overlooked a valley and a mountain. Overall I found that the positives far outweighed the negatives, so I would recommend this experience.

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Good experience, you are in the nature and get in touch with it. Tawan is the best cook and he is really helpful. He teaches you a lot about gardening.

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Fue mi primer voluntariado y la verdad que no me pudo ir mejor, todas las reseñas que dicen que Tawan es el mejor cocinero es verdad, todo lo que cocina es delicioso y siempre te está haciendo probar cosas nuevas y aprendes bastante, las tareas que realice no fueron nada del otro mundo, siempre tienes que estar dispuesto a ayudar porque siempre hay alguna cosita que hacer, es un ambiente muy lindo y a ellos les gusta aprender también de tu cultura 🫶🏻 aprenderás mucho de la vida de los locales ahí y de Tailandia en general 🇹🇭 100% recomendado, Nun y Twan son los mejores, we les extraña 💔

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This is truly a wonderful experience in the north of Thailand for anyone looking to meet people from all parts of the world, use creativity to decorate an ecolodge, eat amazing local food, and occasionally hear elephants at the sanctuary adjacent.

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