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The experience about staying at the Spire hostel its really cool, the staff its really warm, you are going to feel like home with them, always available if you need any help, Specially to Joab for give me the opportunity, also the hostel its very tidy and clean, we also have a lot of free time to explore Dublin, which its a good city. I had a great time there and would definitely recommend it to anyone!

1 año atrás


My experience there has been amazing. People from the hostel accept you from the first day. You will feel like in home! Totally recommendable if you want to discover Dublin and learn from a lot of people :)

1 año atrás

Joab respondido

Sonia is a wonderful person and we were lucky to have her with us. She is trustworthy, polite and does what's asked of her. Sonia does an amazing customer service, always eager to help anyone. Sonia would be an asset to any place or person. We love Sonia!

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