St. Justine PRIMARY SCHOOL (St.Justine Youth Organization)

We are PRE and Primary SCHOOL,
We offer Primary Education to the kids and poor community
We share more experiences with volunteers to our kids at our own school and community
Also you will get an opportunity to visit our natural resources like wild animals in national park, water falls, to visit Zanzibar town and beaches if you will like. Although you will help teaching , playing with kids also you will enjoy your trip.
Highly welcome

we are working as team work, our staff offer good support to you and show Assist you Anything which will be new Experiences to you also we expect to learn from you too.


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doing volunteering at the st. justine school in kidatu was a great experience! It was my first solo travel and absolutely worth it. Jema is a great man, he does everything he can to support the children and help their education. the children are lovely, you need to be patient with them. you are free to create the classes the way you want, i thought them mainly the tenses in english.
I also brought school supplies so if you go there it’s great to bring school equipment because it’s very expensive in tansania. I also brought balloons for the children which they absolutely adored.

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JEMA LUSAKA respondido

Thanks so much for coming to volunteer at St Justine School.
You are welcome next trip
Thanks so much

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Jema was great in providing me with everything i needed to be successful in my mission of providing clean and safe drinking water to the school and community. He had me staying at the school in a room with a bed and chair plus a private bathroom. He provided food, water and other things i needed which i paid for to make my stay more comfortable. Rachel was a huge plus living on the school grounds. She made sure food was on time, clothes were washed, and our space stayed clean. They were absolutely nice people and i appreciate everything they did for us while we were there.

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I have done a lot of volunteering, but I have not met a host that is as kind and as generous as Jemma. I enjoyed getting to know some of the other people in the village. The children were amazing. They were hungry to learn. It could be challenging because of lack of materials. This can be solved if you carry some paper and a couple of pencils with you. It also helps if you plan your lessons. Thank you for Priska for taking care of me as well. You are the best!

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JEMA LUSAKA respondido

Thanks so much for being satisfied with our service
Welcome again



I've been thinking about what to write since this experience had everything. Of course, I want to thank Jema and his family for making me feel at home. Regarding the school, there are a lot of needs, but the hostel project that Frankie started is going great, the kids are fun and some are eager to learn while others just want to have fun and play all day. I think this experience will make you value everything a lot more. For me, it was an honor to be the first Mexican at the school. The only 2 things I will not miss are the mosquitoes and the ugali (Sorry Tanzania 😂)

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My experience volunteering at St. Justine has been blissful that I extended my stay for another week, because I feel like the month flew by real quick and needed more time to spend with the kids and to also improve my Swahili a little bit. Thank you Jema for the lovely opportunity to volunteer at the school.

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