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My name is Ahmed and I run a Bedouin Camp in the desert of Wadi Rum since 2019. Here I work as a Bedouin guide for Jeep Tours, Camel rides and hikes.
Wadi Rum is a place to relax and find peace while enjoying the gorgeous views on the mountains by day and the stars by night. During your stay you will have plenty of time to explore the magical desert yourself.

We currently have two staff members. Our first member is our resident chef, Hani. He prepares all of the food on site each day. Our second staff member is our tech support person, Mohammad. He answers our emails, manages booking, and solves any technical difficulties.

In between assisting us at camp or spending time in the village, there is much to explore. You can spend time stargazing with us after the sun sets, or adventure on your own hike. We love to socialize and are also very interested in exchanging culture and stories. You are also welcome to join us on Jeep tours if space and time allows! Here, you will have the opportunity to live with us as a friend and get to know the Beduin way of life. You are welcomed into our family and will have much deeper insights than as a regular guest. Also, of course, you will be able to learn (or perhaps improve your existing) arabic. Most importantly, though, you will have the opportunity to get to know the Wadi Rum Desert with all its special places. You can accompany our guests on the tours or tag along when we spend our time off.


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This experience at Wadi Rum was excellent ! Volunteering with Ahmad and his family was pretty straightforward as far as taking new photos for their camp. Also the camping experience while I was there was as well. Would highly recommend !

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Ahmad was truly such a hospitable host and this was an incredible stay in the Wadi Rum dessert! Not only was he incredibly friendly, but everyone I interacted with throughout my stay. The camp is in the middle of the dessert so it allows you to fully immerse yourself in Bedouin culture and I had ample free time to explore.

I was provided everything I needed for my stay including comfy beds and great food! I was able to help Ahmad with Google Ads/ SEO for his website and he was transparent about his expectations. Thank you for such a beautiful experience Ahmad!

hace 4 meses

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Ahmad and his family welcomed me into his home and business as part of the family. I learned so much over the week about the local way of life and the Bedouin culture.

Each day I would go on a different tours like the jeep tour and sleeping under the stars etc. I took professional photos for them to add to their social media and website on each activity I did and gave me input and ideas of different things. The beds were comfortable and cozy. Thank you Ahmad!

hace 6 meses



Ahmad is an amazing host, he’s very friendly, always willing to help and very clear about expectations from the volunteers.

I had a great time at Wadi Rum, got to be in nature and taste delicious food. The work was pretty straightforward and Ahmad was flexible bases on my expectations and his objectives.

The camp is very nice and it is located in the middle of the desert, so if you’re an adventurous person I would recommend it absolutely.

Tip: There are no ATMs or card payments in Wadi Rum so bring cash ;)

hace 7 meses

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