Stone City Hostel

We try to create a fun atmosphere for guests and volunteers alike. We think it's important to build a community to make the tasks run smoothly. We also believe in working hard and being professional. Balance is what we find most essential. We believe in having a well trained staff, but we want to have fun too. We want to socialize, make friends, explore the town and surrounding wilderness, and run a successful hostel. Luckily, we think that if the staff is happy then our guests will be too.

We, the owners of the hostel, are a Dutch/American couple who are passionate about travelers and Albania. We have a combination of local staff and volunteers throughout the season. We enjoy the cultural exchange element of running a hostel but don't wish to be a foreign island (which is why we always make sure to keep locals on the payroll). Our cleaning lady is essential to our team and has been with us from the beginning. We also have one to two shift workers that share the same exact duties as a volunteer. We care about our business and want it to be successful. We believe the start of any successful business is a happy and healthy staff. Plus, we are looking to meet people and make new friends just as much as any guest or volunteer.


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El lugar está excelente..y me la pasé genial.. pero independientemente de eso ...Solo dure un día. Solo diré que me tomé muy enserio el papel de interactuar con los huéspedes.. tanto que deje mi turno..lo que ocasionó que el dueño .me dijera que no me quería en el Lugar... no lo tome personal..solo creo que debería de haber algún tipo de seguro o respaldo por parte de la aplicación...yo por suerte tengo dónde quedarme... pero imaginó si esto le dijeran a alguien más... que viajo desde el otro lado del mundo....pues su voluntariado se convertiría en una pesadilla..

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