Sumatra Rainforest Institute(SRI)

If you visit us, you will meet natural rainforest and rurals. You also can reach beatifull beach & poncan islands for sunbath and or Great Toba Lake in the weekend ( its about 4 hours from our project site). ( take your time to using google Poncan Marine Resort and Toba Lake ). Furthermore, you will automatically can visit some exiciting international tourism destinations in North Sumatra province, such as BukitLawang- Leuser National Park. The Batangtoru Forest Ecosystem have endemic and critical endangered species Tapanuli Orangutan Tapanuli and Sumatran Tiger. Becarefull.! Dont go to the jungle without procedure! Many Coffee farms around here and enjoy the origin coffee everyday if you love it for free.! 👍

I m open minded , relax & friendly. Our staffs is also friendly and sometimes their are funny! . All the volunteers will be treated with good and respected and Protected. Noted: 1.if you drink alcohol by your self or staffs , dont do that in public space, do it in field office or your room! 2. If you have plan to spend 3 days per weeks to Toba Lake and or sibolga poncan marine resort, dont do it without guiding ! 3. Dont hesitate to make communication with our NGO leader about anythings ( Problem and Personal needs)

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