Currently our guesthouses have the largest amount of reviews in Portugal. If you want to learn how to manage a guesthouse, do general maintenance or if you want to gain new skills - we're here to guide you. Discover the city of Lisbon and explore all the hidden treasures it has to offer. Help us out with organizing events and learn or just join and enjoy ;)

Situated in Lisbon, our humble team consists of people from all around the world mixing in local Portuguese, Balkan, Northern European and South Americans – who would like to change society for the better, while sharing the love for surfing. Supporting different perceptions, open-mindset and love for reservation of nature can bring amazing results for humanity and that is why Surfgasm - Lisbon Surf School & Guesthouse Experience was born.


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I did not had a good experience with Surfgasm.
First they accepted my stay, but they didn't give me all the information. When I arrived in the hostel, the person that accepted my request wasn't working there anymore. Nobody knew about me, then one volunteer called to the manager and she said to me send me curriculum by email. I said yese but I told her that was something wrong because I had applied as a volunteer. After that I applied to another hostel and my experience was amazing.
I don't indicate Surfgasm.


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