Sustainability, Bioconstruction and Permaculture "hands on " experience

I've being envolved in several processes regarding permaculture and ecovillage projects in many countries, and have facilitated and helped groups in their challenges to achieve a more sustainable life. At this moment we have built our house with eco technics in the middle of the forest and we are building our Inspiration Center for Sustainability and Peace 20 min from our house. I have facilitate workshops, courses, seminars, etc with paysants, indigenous and rural communities, students from various universities and groups of people interested to get habilities and knowledge in sustainable life and innovative tools for taking care of Mother Earth. On 2 hectares we are stablishing various sustainable systems with permaculture design, appropriated technologies, agroecology, bioconstruction and much more. A living and learning center for world changers! Along the Arenal River watershed we have various intitiatives regarding sustainability and preservation of nature, many inspirational proyects building a better future. En este link puedes ver un video corto del proyecto de nuestro Centro de Inspiracion, esta en noruego pero las imagenes hablan por si mismas: Y en este link, una presentacion del Centro y de nuestra experiencia en distintas partes del mundo: Para que tengas una idea del lugar y lo que pasa alrededor, en este enlace encuentras un contexto local, con varias iniciativas dirigidas al Buen Vivir y a un Desarrollo Sustentable:

We like to exchange ideas and experiences with others, to increase our knowledge and vision about a multicultural world, we like to meet nice and interesting people. We have many activities and challenges to fullfill in the daily, so there are always a lot to do, willing to learn from others as well as sharing what we know. We consider to have volunteers as a good way to keep making the world closer and better.

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