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Maka Ainana Farm Located on the Island of MOLOKAI This is a true Hawaiian Paradise, often referred as old Hawaii. Peaceful, Pristine, and Pure. THIS IS DA SPOT, MOLOKAI MO BETTAH Maka Ainana Farm , Molokai’s Sustainability in Action! Maka Ainana Farm is a sustainable project working towards the beautification of organic gardens, orchards, and a revival towards Hawaii's food security. A retreat like setting on the island of Molokai, located on the foot hills of Kaluahaha Valley with beautiful sweeping views of Mt. Kamoku and ocean views of Pailolo channel. This is a true Hawaiian Paradise and Sanctuary! The farm is a short distance to the ocean with a public beach access being 2 miles away. A free shuttle bus is also available servicing Molokai with daily scheduling for ease of transportation and exploration throughout the majority of the island. The farm requires volunteers that have a heart for Hawaii and want to give back to this beautiful land and people. Come with humility, respect, and a sincere effort! Practical previous work experience is required with a sincere work ethic! Candidates with prior ''real life'' work experience will be given top preference. Maturity is what we are seeking, with a minimum of several years of work experience in a legitimate paid position, being preferred. The farm offers sustainable techniques in farming and Eco building learning opportunities. We are establishing fruit forests with ongoing plant and orchard upkeep. A small $10 per day contribution towards your propane gas usage, energy, and other shared living costs is required per person. This daily contribution drops to $5 after the first 30 days stay. We only requiring a VERY low work trade of 14 hours weekly or 2 days , plus daily minor watering duties. This allows for lots of freedom and time to enjoy the pristine beauty of Molokai. A minimum participation timeline is necessary so we can schedule and plan logistics appropriately. The minimum stay is 4 weeks although we prefer 6 weeks. or more. Lodging consists of a private cabin or private screened sleeping quarters. Basic Eco amenities include hot shower, camp kitchen, several lounge areas, fire pit, basic solar station, and more. The peaceful atmosphere of this pristine Sanctuary is second to none. Gardens are established and those serious about growing veggies can pursue growing their own sustenance. We will share all our gardening insights to assist in this endeavor. PROS are * Pristine Peaceful setting. * VERY Low work hours, only 14 hours weekly. Plus minor daily watering duties. * Private outdoor hot shower, Spacious camp kitchen, Solar panel /charger. * Spacious, private, clean comfortable accommodations. * Excellent skill building and learning environment. SUSTAINABILITY ! * Time warp= like going back in time. Serene setting, panoramic views, sacred and tranquil. * Free Fruits included when available= Bananas, papayas, passion fruit, etc. Some basic bulk supplies included. Organic greens from the gardens also available for sharing. Occasional host sponsored dinner parties and more! ==================================================== – Minimum amount of Solar power only. We have an inverter to charge laptops, phones, etc. – No regular meals are provided, other than some basic bulk supplies, fruits, and garden greens. Please be prepared to eat simple and purchase food. – No WiFi on site. Cell service is decent and one can use mobile data or cellular data for internet at the farm, there is also a free WiFi in town. – Molokai being more rural has higher prices and much less shopping options than other islands. Simple living is good for the earth! – One must be able to live simple & have funds to sustain your full visit!

Please contact us by EMAIL = EMAIL = [email protected] =========================================================================== TO APPLY= Name or Names and number of party? Approx. Date of Arrival? Desired length of stay? Work experience or skills you can bring to this position? Best times to reach you, from the Hawaiian time zone and contact number. Chief Seattle said, “This we know. The earth does not belong to man; man belongs to the earth. This we know. All things are connected. Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons of the earth. Man does not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.” Mahalo from Maka Ainana Farm Maka Ainana is looking for hardworking individuals who have a passion for growing fruit trees and gardening, as well as interest in Eco construction. Volunteers / Interns should expect physical labor involving work outside, hands in the dirt. While previous farming experience is much preferred, some type of past labor experience is mandatory and a requirement. HARD WORK. It is essential that candidates are committed to the farming lifestyle and all that it demands. Finding a good match between what our farm can offer and the needs or expectations of a visitor is important to us. We look forward to more communication with you.


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Oh what a magical place is Molokai, I loved it since I arrived and everyday I loved it more ! Molokai a is very special island, you have to go look and find the places and that Is a little difficult without a car but people is super nice, you can easily get rides and different activities with locals.
The farm is rustic but very comfortable, it has exactly what you need. Bret is a really nice guy, easy to work and talk and he make the best tofu that I ever had! So grateful with you and with Hawaii for been so welcoming and warm! Thank you so much for the amazing 5 weeks and “hasta pronto” :)

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You will get out of this experience what you put in, I had an amazing time on Molokai and I could confidently say there would be very few volunteer positions in Hawaii that could compare to this one in regards to experiencing true Hawaii, and living with nature. If you understand that you will be living rustic and willing to give up some comforts I guarantee you will have a once in a lifetime experience. Molokai is not a mind blowing island like Oahu or Maui but it is still full of spectacular surprises. Bret is a real solid dude, hard working and fun. Quiet, friendly, natural, this is Molokai

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Happiness starts from within and takes one on to higher levels of gratitude and fun experiences! Right on Stephen! Molokai is such a special and unique island, its really the only Hawaiian which has said ''No to over development corporate greed and exploitation''. Molokai has held its value of staying pristine with nature being its true authority. It holds many off the beaten sites, mystical valleys, and beaches. Some majestic sites are so breathtaking that they can rival any destination in the world !!!

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I do see all the hard work Brett put in and I do admire his efforts, yet some things he said and did I found to be not so awesome. I had very open conversations with him throughout my stay, about what concerned me, and I doubt his character is going to change.

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Bret respondido

Nicolas is correct , I have a very strong work ethic and believe passionately about sustainability and living with a real respect for nature. Sadly Nicolas is suffering from an intense alcoholism and substances abuse issues, only so much advice can be given to an individual which daily gets as sloppy drunk as possible within 5 minutes of ending work. I truly hope he gets the help his hurt inner child needs. I encourage volunteers to have fun , being centered around personal grow and spiritual well being. Peace



I loved staying at this farm at Molokai island. The place is very peaceful and beautiful. Very intense connection with nature. It’s awesome see all the plants growing. Bret is very kind and welcoming :)

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Caroline came with a humble and joyful spirit, truly appreciating the pristine beauty of this Rare Hawaiian experience. Nature abounds! Fun adventures and good vibes!

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