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Swanky Mint isn't just a hostel. This is a place with heart, soul, long history and the best people.
What used to be an old textile-dye factory from the 19th century is now a vivid and unique hostel in the centre of Zagreb. Our modern industrial setup full of witty design solutions and playful colours are turning this place into a destination within a destination.
What makes our hostel special and always alive is our bar where the party never stops. Here you will show us your best dance moves while holding an exotic cocktail in your hand. No better way to meet the locals and other travellers!

Almost 20 people of the Swanky family are doing their best every day to make this place your home and your stay here an unforgettable experience. You will come as a guest but you will leave as a friend. Professional but fun, organised but spontaneous, responsible but caring Swanky family will welcome you with arms wide open and make you feel at home!

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An incredible experience! The people I met there are amazing! All the workers are super nice and more in reception, each one of them are cute and super amazing! The place fulfills everything, pool, tranquility and party. Keep in mind that Zagreb is a very small city so it can get monotonous, but the tranquility sometimes is good too. Thank you and I carry you in my heart! Thanks to everyone at the reception once again especially Ivana :)

hace 13 días



I had a nice month at Swanky! The hostel is really nice, having a pool and bar is great, and a lot of the staff and volunteers were super cool. There’s a lot of management and staff turnover so it’s a bit unorganized which can be a hard environment to work in. They could work on having clear outlines for volunteer responsibilities and also a cleaning scheduled enforced in the room. Also, if you’re looking for a fun croatia beach town, Zagreb is not it (many of us made that mistake lol). Reception work is simple though and hours are respected

hace 17 días

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The hosts made me feel very welcome and swanky was like a second home to me for the month I was there. It was a fun experience and there wasn’t a dull moment!!. Everyone from reception to the bar were very caring towards me. They were very patient with me behind the bar when I was learning the ropes and once I got the hang of it, it was so much fun. All in all, a fantastic experience which I would highly recommend! Hvala!

hace 18 días



Swanky is the best place to volunteer if you want to be surrounded by fun and welcoming people. The work at the bar is easy and leaves you plenty of free time. I cant recommend it enough. Hvala for this amazing month :)

hace 18 días



I had the best summer at Swanky! The work at reception is quite easy and you get to meet lots of new people everyday, as well as spending time with the hostel’s staff, who are awesome. You will feel very welcomed by the volunteers and workers since the moment you arrive there! I will 100% recommend this volunteering experience, gonna miss everyone, thank you for the happy days :)

hace 1 mes

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