Aftermidnight offers spacious, airconditioned dorm rooms with bedlinen and towels included. The rooftop terrace is equipped with a kitchen area and allows you to look out over the wonderful, authentic neighbourhood. You can find some fresh herbs and vibrant plants all around and enjoy the sunset while cooking a meal with fresh,local ingredients. Facilities include hot and cold showers and a dry cleaning service that picks up and delivers your laundry. The hostel is located right in front of a morning market - supermarkets, stores, a train station and Malioboro street are well within walking distance. Numerous local restaurants and treats can be found and enjoyed right around the corner - and while you’re at it you can admire Jogja’s characteristic street art.  Help with planning, driving around town and sight seeing can be provided by staff. The property owner will answer any of your questions and will be able to recommend all the best places for food, local treats, nature hideaways and if you’re lucky you might even be taken on an adventure. 

I'm a morning person, i wake up around 06.00 cause i have to take a good care of my plants, also i have a minor OCD syndrome and a clean freak. I always start my morning activity with gardening and coffee, i’m a foodie as well, any cuisine (western, chinese, japanese, mexican, spanish, italian, french,....i just love them all, for me basically every cuisine has it's own specialty for me), and it's hard to separate between food and music. I also work as a tour guide and an audio installer (for car or home audio/theater). well, that's a short introduction about me,and you will see me around that activity if we have a chance to be together, don’t hesitate to mail me to get more information about me before we meet, I’m very open and straight forward person and i believe it would be better if we get to know each other character, so both of us have a time to think about it more and minimize any problem in the future before you decided to be a volunteer in my hostel or i accepted you in my hostel.


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I had a nice time in Yogya.
The hostel is very clean and comfortable. There were no guests so I had plenty of time to explore the city and surroundings.
Tanaka showed me local places to eat well and cheap, took me to some waterfalls on the mountains.


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