Taylor's Escruiser sharing, bike rental and ebike Tours

Assistance with daily cultural visits and regional cultural and educational travel; free electric bike rental and free city tours provided in your spare time to observe daily culture of typical L.A. life Regional and international networkings; our platform will help you to choose your next travel destination.

we are a young and energetic vacation rental and tour and activity group located in Venice Beach , we are willing to host four volunteers in our private apartments in very central location near Beverly Hills, our work route will be Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Marina....


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I met some places, some people and learned more about the mind of the LA people. 👍

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Me dejó los primeros dos días libres y luego me echó porque "no hice nada"🤣 pésima experiencia, no la recomiendo para nada

hace 20 días

taylor respondido

The volunteer did not work for first two days as we politely give them off days sh she can rest after long flight! She just ended up being lazy on her first day of work she was seen by cameras as she was not working but sitting on her bed playing with her phone. When our manager saw this from cameras and she warned her, she said she does not know how to clean and she stated she did not come to America for work, her only goal is to stay her and meet Justin Bieber! she said she is not a cleaner and she requested to leave! We did not directly fire her but she actually wanted to leave and while leaving she took other people's food and kitchen utensils with her. Our manager also saw this from camera records. Basically she was very juvenile and a little bit delusional ! A very bad experience for us and she was our first volunteer. I hope this never happens again.

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