Terasu International Share House

Hokubo is a great place to see a Japanese country-side and living in a traditional house, with sliding doors and tatami rooms. The locals are very friendly and welcoming - maybe they will invite to their house for dinner (this has happened before). We are surrounded by nature (mountains and waterfalls) and lots of shrines & temples. Away from the crowd and noises, if you want to have an authentic experience with real Japanese people and be part of a community, this is the place to be!

My name is Yoonsoo, a local community coordinator working for Maniwa city. I am originally from South Korea and now I live in Okayama with my wife and two daughters. For over 2 years, I have been running a share house, called Terasu International Share House, in a small town called Hokubo. The idea behind Terasu was to create a channel between international travellers and the local community for cultural exchange and sharing ideas. We hold events where travellers share their hobbies/interests with locals. We are looking for volunteers who have the interest to share food recipe from their home countries, so we can share it with the local customers. Currently, we are using a local Italian restaurant, Pizza Borsalino, as a venue. In future, we plan to work with more local restaurants, so the location of the restaurant could change later but will be in the local area. You don't have to be a chef, a simple dish will do and we here to assist you. Come and join us and start your adventure.

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