The Bleu Barn Equine & Permaculture

Missouri has a diverse landscape that includes rolling hills, prairies, forests, and waterways. This variety of ecosystems makes it an ideal place to learn about permaculture and sustainable agriculture practices. Missouri has a rich tradition of farmer's markets, with many small towns and cities hosting weekly markets where farmers can sell their products. This provides great opportunities for volunteers to learn about local agriculture and connect with the community.

At our permaculture farm, we're passionate about sustainable agriculture practices and we love to share our knowledge with volunteers. We offer a wide range of hands-on experiences that allow volunteers to learn about permaculture and sustainable agriculture practices, including:

Goat grazing: We use goats to graze and clear underbrush, which is an important part of maintaining healthy ecosystems. Volunteers can learn about how goats are used for land management and get hands-on experience working with these amazing animals.

Chicken tractors: We also use chicken tractors to manage our land and fertilize our gardens. Volunteers can learn about this innovative technique and get hands-on experience working with our chickens.

Rustic construction: We believe in using materials from the land to build structures that are sustainable and eco-friendly. Volunteers can learn about rustic construction techniques and get hands-on experience building structures using materials found on our farm.

Food preservation techniques: We believe in preserving the bounty of the land to ensure that we have food throughout the year. Volunteers can learn about food preservation techniques like canning, fermenting, and drying, and get hands-on experience preserving our harvest.

We're committed to providing volunteers with a unique and rewarding experience, and we believe that hands-on training is key to achieving that. We work alongside volunteers as they learn new skills and gain hands-on experience in the field. By the end of their stay, we hope that volunteers leave with a greater understanding and appreciation for permaculture and sustainable agriculture practices.

At our permaculture farm, we understand that comfortable and private accommodation is important for volunteers during their stay. That's why we're excited to offer our RV as a unique accommodation option for our volunteers. The RV is fully equipped with private amenities including a laundry machine, shower, toilet, sink, stove, and fridge, providing volunteers with all the necessary comforts of home during their stay. Not only is this a unique and exciting accommodation option, but it also offers privacy and independence for volunteers who may prefer their own space. We believe that providing comfortable and private accommodation is key to ensuring a positive and enjoyable experience for our volunteers, and we're proud to offer this option at our permaculture farm.

I am a lifetim certified teacher and University professor. I grew up in traditional agriculture and have +35 years experience raising cattle and training horses. In the past 15 years I have grown through personal and professional development as a permaculturalist. We have spent the last 10 years actively developing two small properties, honing our skills, learning building techniques, mastering small homestead animal care and now are ready to share this decade of knowledge with you. Benefit from the professional researcher's decade of homework and the professional engineer's decade of construction experience to learn those skills in a few short months. We value safety, respect, support, feedback, and fair treatment. You will be treated with respect and your contributions will be valued. You are an equal partner in this project and some of the certificate work in this program is to be able to develop knowledge of permaculture principles and make meaningful contributions to the design of this space. You will receive support including guidance and training as you learn new skills and perform tasks. You will have a mentor, not just a supervisor, who will be physically available 4 days a week and via phone the remaining 3 to offer guidance and answer questions. You will receive both positive and constructive feedback on your performance; we want you to be able to replicate these skills when you leave our facility to better your own life and future projects if permaculture becomes as passionate an inclusion in your life as it has in our own. We will treat you fairly and are inclusive of all volunteers actively supporting you regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or other personal characteristics. Last but not least we volunteer your safety and security. You will be in quality housing with access to emergency services and provided with communication means (a cell phone if you do not already have one) to ensure that you have access at all times to appropriate safety and security. We will also provide necessary safety equipment and training for all tasks on the permaculture homestead so as to minimize accidents when working with the equipment or livestock.

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