The Joon Project

***Namaskar, and Welcome to The Family***

Our goal is to create a global hub where people can come together to share knowledge, ideas, skills, stories, and dreams, about achieving a balance and harmony between humans, nature, and technology.

***The Purpose Behind Our Project***
We recognize the shortcomings of existing man-made systems and their impact on future generations, fellow species, and the environment. Our current world is plagued by divisions, conflicts, inequality, and environmental degradation. Moreover, our education system perpetuates these problems.

To address these issues, we are committed to:
- Embracing the Earth as one global community
- Valuing and preserving nature as a shared planet
- Planting and consuming local, organic, seasonal, and healthy food
- Recognizing every human as part of the same species
- Embedding education within society and life itself
- Establishing an economy based on resource sharing
- Leveraging technology to support our work
- Cultivating a life based on learning, understanding, sharing, love, and compassion

***Current Status:***
We are currently in the process of:
- Building an international hub to meet, share and work toward a goal
- Designing and constructing the Project House
- Developing a permaculture farm based on sustainable principles
- Establishing connections with local community workstations to create an Open Community School of Life
- Spreading our messages
- Starting a sustainable business to support the project.
- And, Educating and empowering children within the community

***Help Needed:***
During this phase, we require enthusiastic individuals to contribute in various areas, such as:
- General management tasks, planning, brainstorming, accounting
- Designing and implementing the Permaculture Farm
- Engaging with and supporting the community children
- Assisting in the cleaning, kitchen, and cooking
- Managing our social networking channels
- Filming and editing our project's progress
- Helping with crowed fundraising
...and much more!

***Joining The Project: ***
Before joining, we encourage you to learn more about our project. Please do not base your expectations solely on pictures or videos from social platforms, as your experience will be unique and different. We invite you to drop preconceived notions, habits, cultural biases, social status, religious and political beliefs, and even the concept of time. Be prepared to embrace new experiences, perspectives, and ideas.

Come, as home. Come as a student of life. During your time with us, be both a teacher and a student. Be ready to lead and follow simultaneously, cooperating with fellow travelers and sharing ideas and skills. Expect to engage in extensive brainstorming and physical work under varying weather conditions. Be open to thinking and working independently when required.

***Life in Our Project:*** We embrace a simple approach to life within The Project: - Plan very well enough - Work and exercise diligently - Learn and share knowledge freely - Maintain a healthy and nourishing diet - Ensure sufficient rest - Foster love and compassion for everyone **Flow of Time:** To align with natural rhythms, we follow these patterns: - Adjust our activities based on the movement of the sun for sleep, work, and meals - Coordinate tasks with the lunar cycle for plant-related work - Cultivate awareness and consciousness in our daily lives **Typical Week:** We require a minimum of 25 hours of physical work per week during your stay, adhering to the following schedule: - Monday to Thursday: Full-day work - Friday: Half-day work - Saturday and Sunday: Free for your pursuits, chill Please note that there is no strict schedule in our community. **Typical Working Day:** A typical day in The Project follows this routine: - Optional: Wake up one hour before sunrise - Optional: Engage in yoga and meditation for 1.5 hours - Have breakfast - Work - Enjoy a hearty lunch - Rest - Continue working - Chill, play, go around - Have dinner an hour before sunset - Optional: Sleep two hours after dinner Nevertheless, keep in mind that the concept of time is fluid here. **Food We Eat:** At The Project House, we consume simple, pure vegetarian meals consisting of: - Local and organic produce - Himalayan salt instead of white salt - Sakhar (brown sugar from sugarcane) instead of white sugar - Seasonal fruits, vegetables, nuts, and beans - Rice, lentils, and chapati/bread for lunch with pickles and spices - Mixed soup for dinner **Accommodation:** You will have several accommodation options to choose from: - Private or shared concrete rooms in The Project House - Shared spaces in The Project Farm, including hammocks and tents beneath the open sky, near the river, amidst insects, fish, snakes, frogs, and even mice. ***Places around*** Our location offers the best of both worlds, with a combination of wild nature and city life. - The city is a 45-minute walk away, and transportation options such as bikes and Tuk-Tuks can expedite the journey. - Hills, hiking trails, rivers, lakes, and waterfalls are easily accessible for nature enthusiasts. - Additionally, the city provides swimming pools, pubs, clubs, coffee bars, restaurants, and hotels. You will have ample opportunities to explore and engage in various activities. ***Contribution*** To support our ongoing projects, we request a contribution of $10 per day. This contribution covers food expenses, management costs, construction projects, and plant collection. ***Process of Joining The Project*** 1. Writing the First Message - Full Name - Country - Phone Number with country code (eg +97798********) (whats app, signal, Viber, WeChat, etc) - Email address - About Yourself (short, qualifications, skills, hobbies, passion) - Why did you choose this project? - What do you see yourself doing in the project? - How long do you plan and dedicate to stay? - ETC 2. We will arrange a small chit-chat call. 3. We will share a form to fill as conforming a stay. Then, we will start making space for you while you prepare for your journey, Easy Peasy Be ready to join as a volunteer and student of life. We look forward to meeting you and working together. See You Soon


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This is my first trip outside India,
so am curious about that but after reaching at project and then am see all are like family.
There is three people working on project are do very well for Nepal children's future also people's life style.

hace 4 meses

Merina respondido

Thank you Mayur.
We will miss you too till we meet soon 😂😂
We are coming to gujratt
Make room for us
Take care till the day



My stay in this place was simply wonderful, from the first moment I felt very welcome and comfortable. It is a beautiful project of more conscious education, self-sustainability, and a lot of love and dedication with what they are creating. What is working more actively is the orphanage, there the children I could see that they are happy, with many activities all the time to give them tools and stimulate them. I felt like family all the time, everyone is very kind and loving, especially the children who are all beautiful and need love and attention from a volunteer like you.

hace 9 meses

Merina respondido

Thank you pape. Brother from another mother. We have a photo sessions to do. See you soon 😂



behavior of host is good

hace 1 año

Perfecto para ti si estás buscando

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