The Joon Project

Namaskar, and Welcome to The Family The Project is about restructuring systems of thinking, living, and working to create a Sustainable Community, an open education system, and an economy which will help maintain balance and harmony among Humans, Nature, and Technology on Earth. I invite you On the path of finding alternative ways to live, let's say, an experimental journey of self-discovery, a path of finding yourself, and bond between nature, technology, and society, a path of change, and a different way of seeking knowledge and wisdom. A different way to see country less Earth. We are in “Phase 3: Into The Community.” We work with a circle of workshops(around this City for now) that we believe are essential knowledge every human should have been taught from birth for a healthier, more advance, ethical civilization on earth. Here we have the opportunity to, * Teach ourselves about ourselves with yoga and meditation, * Learn of bond with nature and technology, * Learn to plan, design, and build, with eco materials, * Learn to farm, * Learn some art, music, painting, * Learn to take care of animals, * Last but not least, share this knowledge with kids, While we do so, we will be traveling, staying with different families exchanging food and culture, and meeting new people every day. The idea here is to spread and learn from different workshops in the city/community, like ants/bees, staying with the family running the workshop itself so we live and experience directly the life evolving around a particular lifestyle influenced by the workstations they run. Also, we get to understand different Nepali families and cultures while they too will have an opportunity to travel the world through our eyes and words. This way we create The Circle, a healthy, open, and progressive community, an education system embedded in life itself, a journey of knowledge and wisdom, or simply, call it a future approach/understanding of home/life/education/travel itself. This way, we believe we will add more meaning and value to live, travel, learn, exchange culture, open hearts, and minds, and most importantly, grow a step closer to a country less world. ***Contribution*** So far we had been running a project without money, it is possible but it needed a lot of time and effort, yet very slow progress and growth. So for the coming days, we ask for 9 $ per day as a contribution, which will cover food, management, construction projects, plant collection, and hosting volunteers who can not pay(especially volunteers from Nepal/India and other similar countries). This will be requested only for the first 3 months of your joining date, after 3 months, you don’t have to anymore in life. If you want to be part of the change, please. If you want to help us with whatever ideas, skills, or materials you have at the moment, please Hope to meet and work together.

Before joining, learn more and question as much as you can. We would like to encourage you all to drop all the habits, culture, social status, religion, nationality, political beliefs, even concept of time, etc, and keep preparing yourself to be open to new experiences, perspectives, and ideas. Be Human and ready to use every part of the mental, physical, and spiritual body to find answers to the questions we have about the Failing Man-Made System we live in the present time. Prepare yourself as a Teacher and Student at the same time. Be ready to Lead and Follow at the same time. Be ready to cooperate with strangers/travelers, and share ideas and skills. Prepare yourself to brainstorm a lot and work physically on Rain, Sun, Cold, Mud, Animal Poo, etc, Walk miles per day. ***Help Needed*** In this Phase, while we are aiming to be self-sufficient, loads of brainstorming and physical work is required in every sector, you are welcome to get involved in : *Organic Farming *Construction *Kids Workshop *Kitchen/Cooking *Technology *Social Networking *Data Keeping *Art and Craft *Health and Well-Being And More as you know... ***Life in Our Project:*** In the Project, we see life simply. * work hard, * learn share, * eat healthily, * sleep well, * love everyone, **As Time, we try to Follow:** * Sun movement to sleep, work and eat. * Moon movement to work with plants. * And conscience to live and love, Note: It means, time will keep changing, even for the same thing we do on daily basis. **Typical Week:** * Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday: we work a full day. * Fridays: we work a half-day. * Saturday and Tuesday: you’re free to do anything you like! **Typical Working Day:** * We wake up 1 hr before sunrise,(optional) * Yoga and meditation for 1.5 hrs, (optional) * Have Breakfast * Work * Have Heavy Lunch * Rest * Work * Have dinner an hour after sunset * Sleep 2 hrs after dinner (optional) **Food We Eat: ** * We eat simply pure vegetarian food at The Project House, * We consume local organic products, * Himalayan salt for white salt, * Sakhar (Brown Sugar from Sugarcane) for white sugar, * Seasonal Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, and Beans * Variations of rice, dal (lentils), chapati/bread for lunch, * Pickles and spices to spice up, * and Mix Soup for dinner. Note: However, in the community homes, we will have non-veg foods served too. **Where We Sleep: ** You will have options to choose from what best suits you and what we have, * Private/Common Room in 6-7 local families around the city. * Private/Shared Room in The Project House. * Shared space in The Project Farm(can put hammock, tent under open sky and river with insects fish snakes and frogs, mouse too) **Places around** We are around City, so we will have a life in the wild and city too. 45 min walk will take you to the city, it will be faster on bike and Tuk-Tuk. There are hills towards the North, also nearby for nature, hike, river, lake, waterfall, etc. There are swimming pools, pubs, clubs, coffee bars, restaurants, and hotels in the city. Basically, you will find most of the things. * Go hiking around hills, * Go swimming, * Read, draw, do yoga, * Spend time with the villagers, * Go Explore City, * Keep Working * Day Dream * Sing, Dance, * Spend time with Kids, and more * Play sports - football, indoor games, cards, chess, etc Thank You


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