The Little Garden Transformation

* We are shaping the land and planting trees. If you can handle hard physical labour ( digging, working with a shovel, moving clay and stones) our position will suit you. * You´ll have the opportunity to stay in a cozy apartment in Berlin-Neukölln and use our bikes. We will provide you with two meals, salat, fruit, snacks, coffee, tea on the days we are working together int he garden. The garden is half an hour drive away. When the weather is great you may also camp in the garden for a night or two if you want. A tent is there, your choice! If you are an outdoor person this will be great fun for you, the starry nights and quiet mornings are the best around the garden & let's not forget about the morning swims ! :-) The nearby lake is there waiting for you. Dieter and I do sound journeys. You are very welcome to experience this relaxing journey ! We will create one just for you. We use several percussion instruments & our voice to create soundscapes in which you can get lost. It can be a deep relaxing experience if one is very open.

We are open minded and like cooking together. It'd be great if our guests are interested in cooking and a healthy lifestyle. This is however, not necessary and we are not dogmatic about anything. As much as we love to be sociable and share time together, we are quite busy with projects, work and studies therefore appreciate independent and active minded guests. We do appreciate help with washing up/ laying the table etc. to make it easy to live together. During your free time, feel free to use our bikes to explore the city of Berlin. Public Transport is also very good around here. We'll provide you 3 meals a day when you are working with us in the garden. During your days off, we'd appreciate if we do not need to worry about your meals. Berlin is known for a great and affordable world cuisine but our kitchen can be used by you as well. For all people who would love to stay in Berlin and will be looking for accommodation or work, please be aware in advance that we won't have time to support your search for work/apartment nor can we provide registration with us or any help with paperwork. We are too busy! Thank you for your understanding.

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