The Organic Art Ranch

Come and experience our lifestyle as we strive towards sustainability and learn from us and from people in our community. We offer a unique experience in a beautiful place and the chance to learn something new. We are always happy to share our knowledge about living in nature, growing your own food, herbalism, wild foods, woodcutting and woodwork, haywork, gardening, ecological construction, cobwork, cheese masking, soap making, herbal medicine, jarring and preserving food and some other basics of traditional skills and real life skills. We work hard but also know how to have fun, and we like people with a similar mindset. We don’t want people who just come to work, we prefer to form a bond with our volunteers and have a great time together. Here you can also enjoy nature in your free time, we live right next to the Apuseni National Park with beautiful hiking opportunities, caves, waterfalls, old forests and lakes.

We welcome volunteers as members of our family, and do our best to introduce them to our small community, as well as offer them experiences that are unique such as seeing how the last generation of traditional self sufficient farmers live, and how you can create a strong connection with your community for a sustainable future. Our place is unique because it offers a glimpse into a more simple, slow, natural lifestyle with beautiful sunrises and quiet evenings. It is ideal if you want to get away from the rush of city life. We have hosted several hundred volunteers so far and most of our experiences were great. We welcome people who are interested in seeing and experiencing a different lifestyle, with more nature, more healthy food, less stress and more simplicity. Travelers who would like to see how we grow our food, how we use the herbs in the surroundings, and how we try to integrate sustainability in both our renovation methods as well as our community. We do not always count work hours, some days are shorter and some are longer, and it is important for us that people enjoy their stay at our place, but they also understand that volunteering is also about giving, not only receiving. We cannot always accommodate special diets, we are flexitarians, but we make exceptions in certain cases.

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