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At The Roof we try to make a little family of our friends. We try to bring the best service we can to our guests not only with nice, clean facilities, but my making them feel like they are at a friends house. The work consists of cleaning the hostel, which is quite small. It takes less than 2 hours in total. The second part of the work consists of recommending things to the guests and getting to know them a little bit. We want to help enjoy the best parts about Guadalajara on a budget and in an easy way! We are offer a bed in a mixed dorm. The bathroom is shared, the laundry is free, and we also have a communal kitchen that you will be able to use. We also have a rooftop terrace that you can use and a wide screen tv with a DVD player and cable. There are TONS of things to see in Guadalajara from the historical center and The Lucha Libre to the town of Tequila and lake Chapala. We will educate you about all of the cool things you can do here during the day or on day trips. Also, we are conveniently located between the historical center and the area with the most night life. Close to us, you will find supermarkets, cheap restaurants, weekly intercambios, and a nice market.


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Fue una experiencia muy divertida porque puedes conocer gente todos los días de diferentes partes del mundo, es un lugar excelente para practicar Inglés, puedes tener momentos muy divertidos con los huéspedes, los miembros del equipo suelen ser muy amables con el tiempo y es fácil adapartarse e integrarse a las actividades diarias ya que son muy básicas! El hostal está ubicado en un lugar excelente ya que muchos lugares turísticos quedan cerca o puedes usar cualquier medio transporte si deseas ir un poco más lejos! Definitivamente es una experiencia de la que puedes aprender mucho!




It was my first time in a hostel and I loved it, there's only cool people in there, great place to work, party and live in, I even asked for one extra month, if you are coming to Guadalajara, The Roof is the place you want to be. By the way I created the website and the videos in there, so I hope it can be useful for all the backpackers in Jalisco.


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