Together Children Foundation

Hello, we are a group of Tanzanian youth from Arusha Tanzania, we have good intentions to help the community particularly children who live in difficulties like orphans and street children. soon after completing our studies we have been inspired to open an organisation for helping and consoling the children as well us to provide educative seminars to the youths. our registered group/ organisation aim to connect various children centres in order to facilitate provision of some basic needs and build unity and solidarity among them through participation in various sports and events organised by us, since it will help them to feel loved and cared. We have intentions to send them to school so that to fulfill theirs dreams and discover their hidden talents. volunteers who have interest to help in teaching English language, mathematics, science and other subjects to our school that we have sent our children are highly needed apart from teaching they will benefit for learning Swahili language and some native language from other teachers and experiencing our culture.

We opened a small college for helping the youth who live in difficulties and we are teaching hotel management in practical way(include cooking), Tourism courses, computer courses, hair dressing,Tour Guiding, we teach international languages especially french and English, Teaching entrepreneurship, we are helping form four failures to repeat their exams through registering them as private candidates so that they can continue with formal education.we decided to do this in order to help a large number of youth who are still in the street without jobs and have got no ability to afford for the further study, since we have got the chance to study up to high learning institution education with good qualifications we have also all reason to help our fellows youth and children to reach their dreams too. we hope to decrease the number of youth who are in street as well as to reduce the number of under age girls who engage in prostitution business and boys who engage in crimes and risk their life. Therefore volunteers who are able to teach the courses are warmly welcome.

Our group is conducting seminars to teenagers in order to create awareness among them not to engage in love affairs while they are under the required ages, through seminars we hope youths will avoid some bad conducts which may results to unplanned pregnant, and diseases especially sexual transmitted diseases like HIV AIDS, Our seminars are conducted to various schools found in Arusha town according to the time table planned and arranged by the group. volunteers who have interest in participating in seminars are mostly welcome to help at risk teenagers and help them to reach and to complete their dreams without being affected by the temporary situations.

Empowering women is among of our aim, we have seen women are abandoned in many society which cause them to feel inferior, we observed women fail to reach their dreams due to some problems, for example failure to afford to buy "SANITARY PADS" during menstruation period cause them to use local clothes and plastic bags which are not good for their health, others not even attending to school for a while until the menstruation days end, this situation affect them much in their studies because they miss a lot of periods per month,This situation can avoided by joining our efforts thus why we take it as serious situation and we decided to contribute and help them although there are some challenges we face still we believe to succeed in large rather than to fail. volunteers with with the interest to participate by providing us advises or join us directly are warmly welcome.

Hopefully we as the group expect to get volunteers from various countries across the world to join us for making it possible. Our members are full of hospitality,honesty and capable of working with people of various culture. we will be happy and joyfully to welcome you during your stay in our organisation.

We are an NGO based on Arusha, Tanzania. Created by a group of young people that has completed their university degree in "Science in tourism and hospitality managment". Together we have started a project to help vulnerable kids and women who are not getting priority in the community, in case of educating them to know their rights. A project with the best professional in the area working in it. ​

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