Training Camp Andalucia

You should apply for this position if you have a genuine interest in health, training, outdoor activities and nature. If so, this will be a good learning opportunity, a chance to gain knowledge and work experience, and of course improve your fitness level. The camp is located in a local and natural rich area of Spain at the atlantic coast.

You can join in on trainings and workouts along with participants. 2-3 meals is included most days. You will be eating along with the participants of the camp. The food is primarily based on organic local produce. Seafood is often a component of the diet here. Vegan or vegetarian diet is available too. You will share a 2 person room along with another vokunteer or participant of same gender


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I spent a month at the training camp and it was great. The work is very easy and doesn't require too much time. In return you get a nice accommodation, 3 homemade, balanced and delicious meals and the possibility of participate in all trainings, if you wish (are intenses, but always different and funny) Casper is a very hardworking and generous person and treats the volunteers as if they were another guest. It's a great opportunity to learn about nutrition, nature and improve your fitness. The landscape is inspiring. I feel very grateful !!!

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mi estadía ha sido super positiva. Tuve la posibilidad de sumarme a los entrenamientos y se cumplió siempre con todas las comidas.
Tuve que rotar en varias oportunidades de habitación pero era por una cuestión organizativa del predio del hotel que nada tuvo que ver con el host.
Casper es un hombre de pocas palabras,respetuoso y ocupado.
Sin dudas me llevo conmigo las costumbres de lo que es comer sano y estar en forma

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