Trakehnerhof Rehfeld

Traveller can learn about the traditional simple life on the rural countryside. Improve handling horses and dogs.
Of course, improve / learn the German language (I speak dialect-free). Knowledge of handling horses and fluent English are necessary. You can enjoy the rural life, learn about horse- and dog breeding and have fun learning about our way of life together with people from different countries.

You live with us, as a part of the family. Our lifestyle is simply rural and open and we value an honest friendly and respectful live together.


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It was a memorable experience, learning about practical small farm organisation and infrastructure, zero waste techniques, and animals natural well being. I could also improve my German language abilities. The farm owner is a great storyteller and shares her lifelong experience in animal breeding and forest protection.

hace 2 meses



Gerlind is a nice and close woman who opens the doors of her house for you and makes sure that your stay is comfortable. All the animals are calm and friendly, and the tasks you have to do are easy as long as you have organization and disposition. It is important that you are responsible since you are in charge of the dogs, horses, chickens and the farm, but always with the attention of Gerlind. In the experience you learn a lot about life in the countryside, but you also get to know first-hand life in Germany, the food and the people.

hace 6 meses



Gerlind is a wonderful woman who loves horses as much as I do, maybe that is one of the reasons why I had such a good time at her lovely farm. I learned so many things during my stay, from how to work correctly with animals to being organised and responsible. I was able to have fluent conversations about any topic with her, she tells really interesting and nice stories in which shows how much she knows about animals, culture, history, etc. Her family is lovely and caring, I was treated like another member of their own. And last but not least, her animals, I love every single one of them.

hace 7 meses



Totally recommend for nature & Animal lover who looking forward to a real adventure and being responsible in the wild and farm nature!
This a real experience to be in the middle of nature with Horses & Dogs and how to tarin body language with them (new method that she teach you) and surrounded woth the books in this direction to learn ( she also have English version for the international helpers)
Gerlind support and host her guest like a family member. Of course she expects same respect and responsibility. She teach you everything but it takes 1-2 weeks to learn everything.

hace 10 meses



Pues para un “viajero “ no se lo recompensaría. Ya que tiene horarios estrictos de trabajo y compromiso . Así también como una libertad limitada ya que vives en una casa con una sra. mayor que necesita ayuda ,tolerancia y comprensión. pero te llevas una experiencia real de la gente loca su cultura y estilo de vida. Pero se necesita mucho compromiso.

hace 10 meses

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