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Dear worldpackers,

✨Welcome to our project dedicated to Learning in freedom and to be free ~ Co-creating in & out Paradise 🍂 through Well-being with wareness, meditation, Kundalini yoga, Agro-forest, natural building, art creation, unschooling, nature connection...

We are an non profit association dedicated to a sustainable, well being and free education lifestyle, born in 2010 out of a dream to reconnect with nature and our true nature.

We receive volunteers, families and guests for eco-vacations.
We organize small events and cources.


Moabi, A well-being guide through kundalini yoga, meditations, breath, awareness, sound exploration, dance. Very passionated by life and supporting people to expand their inner love and light 💚 Mother

Gennaro, A quite and friendly architect/Agro-forest professional dedicated and passionate about his work

Manu, A curiose and friendly 13 year old boy interested in animals, science, programing, games, painting, reading...

What we provide :
🌟Lunch or Dinner
🌟1 - 2 dailly activities together
Yoga, Meditations, Dance, Sharing circles, walks...

We ask:
🌟Between 11-22 euros per night according to your possibilities and will to support the project
🌟1h30m work

We recieve from 2 to 8 volunteers at the time

Looking foward to met you and have a great experience together 🙏

We are: Gennaro Cardone, born in 1982, is an architect and permaculturist specialized in reciprocal roof and soil regeneration. He is dedicated, perfectionist, and gives great importance to the aesthetic. The work functions as a meditation to Gennaro, who in eco- construction and land work finds peace of mind. Moabi, born in 1980, is mother of Manu Inca. She loves life, enjoys living in the countryside and has three main passions: learning in freedom, kundalini yoga and dance. She co-founded Tribodar in 2010 with an aim of developing a sustainable and learning space according to everybody interests, passions and needs. Moabi has been specializing in k. yoga, and has been taking various courses and learning various activities related to wellbeing. Manu Inca, born in 2010, is very curious. He is enjoying discovering the world and asking a lot of questions about many things. Mostly, he is interested in learning about human body, animals and space ships. He loves playing with water and listening to stories. He is able to speak English and loves it 🙂 99% of the people that come say they feel very much at home and that is a life transforming experience

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My stay at Tribodar was wonderful, I instantly felt at home while sorrounded by the most amazing people and beautiful nature. The work tasks and hours were very respected and the sessions and ceremonies we had was so interesting, fun, and rewarding. I overall had an amazing and relaxing week where I could really find myself:)

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I had a fantastic time at tribodar! Host Moabi was so lovely and welcoming. In the mornings, we would do a little bit of work (such as cleaning, painting walls, weeding, or making olives), and then in the afternoon we would relax and do an activity (yoga, breathwork, meditation, and even a cacao ceremony). All the volunteers took turns to cook for each other and as a result we had some fantastic vegan food! Highly recommended this placement!

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I cannot recommend this experience enough! Moabi is such a special person and soul, her welcoming and calming spirit immediately touches you upon meeting her. Our stay was very flexible and adaptable with the weather and tasks for the days. We all agreed and discussed as a group which work was best suited for everyone each day, and made decisions about a group for the length we’d be working due to weather. Our daily spiritual activities were incredible, and Moabi was a wonderful leader in them. This is genuinely such a safe space, and beautiful community builder. I am so grateful for my time!!

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I had a really nice and eventful time. Tribodar a special place of simplicity and closeness to nature that I would prefer in a warm season. Moabi is a very special and lovely person with a lot of empathy and a special spirit. We had a nice community, different activities and the work was well manageable. I will surely remember this time for a long time. Thanks to Moabi.

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The whole experience was incredible and I would definitely recommend it. We would work for around an hour a day either helping with the house or the garden. The rest of the time was filled with relaxing, cooking meals for the group, meditation and yoga. It was such a relaxing week with lovely people that I would love to do again :)

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