Tromso Coco Apartments

If you would like to get to know Tromsø and the Arctic for some weeks and also get to know other intrepid travelers, this is your place! We offer reasonable and flexible working hours in a relaxed atmosphere, and you will be able to stay in your own private single room!

This is a very small business with only one employee, with whom you will be in contact with and have her support during your whole stay. I moved to Tromsø myself from Barcelona already 4 years ago. I wasn't planning at that time to stay long, but I just fell in love with this place and its nature. And here I am, after 4 years experiencing the midnight sun in summer and the Northern Lights and the snow in winter, accepting the challenge of opening and running my own business! :)

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I really enjoyed may stay at Coco Apartments! Teresa is a very nice host and the communication was always very good. The work is simple and the hours were pretty flexible in my case (we were enough volunteers and it was not peak season). I even had my own room, which i really enjoyed :) Thank you Teresa for the nice stay!

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I really enjoyed my stay at Tromsø Coco Apartments. Teresa is super nice, and I always enjoyed talking to her. She explained all the tasks to me in the beginning, and gave some advice on what you can do in Tromsø, which was really helpful. The tasks were clearly defined, not too much, and like written in the description only took 2, maybe 3 hours. If you have any questions, you can always ask Teresa, so you don't need to worry. I can really recommend staying at Tromsø Coco Apartments to anyone. :)

hace 2 meses



Súper contenta con la experiencia. Me sentí muy cómoda en la habitación que se me asignó, el trabajo no es complicado y a mi personalmente se me hizo rápido y muy ameno, el hostal tiene una ubicación perfecta y sus instalaciones están genial también. De la ciudad poco que añadir, Tromso es increíble… Y Teresa fue siempre súper comunicativa, cercana, flexible y agradable, incluso me ayudó cuando tuve problemas con mis billetes de avión. Me voy muy contenta, ¡recomiendo mucho esta experiencia! 🥰

hace 4 meses



Teresa é excelente anfitriã, tranquila e flexível.
Eu me senti muito segura e tive liberdade durante meu voluntariado.

hace 6 meses



The experience at Tromso Coco was fantastic. The centrally located hostel receives many adventurous travelers and has a living room with a very cozy atmosphere. I had the opportunity to share hikes and tours with guests and new friends.

Tromsø can be an expensive city, but at the hostel you can cook your own food in the well-equipped kitchen. The tasks were clear and simple and as a volunteer you have your private room.

The host is a very kind person and she puts a lot of love into the hostel; she makes everyone feel welcome. It was an honor to volunteer at Tromso Coco :)

hace 9 meses

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