Ushimado is a small costal town located on the Seto Inland sea. The town holds a lot of history and charm. It is a quite laid back town located in the countryside where you can see and experience the true nature of Japan and Japanese people, which one can rarely feel while in the bigger cities like Osaka/Tokyo. The local specialties for food are Ebi-Meshi, which is shrimp fried rice, as well as fish/shashimi. Ushimado is also home to many temples as they were an integral part of its history in the past. And the locals here are also very friendly creating a good atmosphere, which can help one feel included within the local community. If you are looking for a place to relax and take a step back from the bigger cities then Ushimado is the place to come to.

Hello, I am Yuri Wilson, owner of Uni.House. Born in Okayama prefecture, I am 27 years old. Me and my husband both live alongside guests in our always improving: Uni.House!We love meeting new people while living the slow life of Ushimado. Uni.House is the first international guesthouse that welcomes inbound tourists to Ushimado. We also offer rental space. I’d love to share with many people the unique and cozy atmosphere of Ushimado and Uni.House. Looking forward to meeting you!!

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