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Urban Hostel was a really good place to volunteer at. The Hostel is new and modern and you have most of the things you’ll need during your stay. The job was helping at the Cafe in the hostel and sometimes helping the maids with small tasks. In the cafe I mostly helped with washing the dishes. It was generally easy but could be harder on some days when the cafe was crowded. Overall it was a really good experience, Belarus is a beautiful country and Belarusian people are warm and helpful. I definitely recommend volunteering at Urban Hostel.

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Urban Hostel is a nice place to stay, really well located, all the staff is polite and respectful and the facilities are pretty good (bedrooms, bathrooms, living area, garden). The only thing I missed was a bigger kitchen with oven and stove to cook. During my volunteering I helped in the morning shift in Urban Coffee, the cafeteria that works inside the hostel. The tasks were pretty simple, like washing the dishes, cleaning tables and helping in some preparations. Minsk is a great city, very clean, organized, lots of green areas and nice people.

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