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One thing across my head, just imagine how will be this greatful place, It was such a huge amazing experience, fulled with a new friends from all around the world, every day you can sit to talk about life with people from all around the world. I lost my hearth in SF.. Highly recommended

3 meses atrás


I absolutely recommend the USA Hostels. BUT we work 28 hours per week not 25 like it is descript here and also we don't have day off, of course, you can take day off, but for that you have to do double shift.
About the tasks, it depend on of your shift, basicaly we do the cleaner's tasks. In the beginning can be tough, but couple days after, we're handling very well with it.
The manegers are kind people, always praising your job. The others volunteers are always helping you with everything you need. I'm pretty sure If I had another opportunity I would work there again.

5 meses atrás