The colonial bistro & Lounge is a place where we serve international cuisine and a very friendly environment. Our upcoming Hostel is a nice addition and we would love to learn your abilities of cooking and willing to exchange our expertise and local cuisine. It’s a very spacious place and the whole hostel area is only for the in-house guests so volunteers can have their own private time uninterrupted.

Am a friendly and a outgoing person with a passion for hospitality industry. I really enjoy my work and i want people with a friendly attitude who's willing to helpout our guests. We work in a very friendly way so people will get a homely experience.


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I had a great time at utopia, my job consisted of waiting on guests, prepping food and cleaning. the owner Yohan is very kind and made the experience fun. The meals provided are always delicious.The restaurant is located on a beautiful beach with great sunsets! However when i was there it was off season so it wasn’t very busy

hace 16 días



I had a great experience. Sri Lanka is a beautiful country. There is so much to explore, but I had just two weeks to work as well as explore. But the host Yohan give me the opportunity to explore as well as he was very kind to me, and he never made me feel bored. We really had good time together, some laughter and with some good food. The restaurant is located in front of sea, which has a magnificent view. My stay was very basic also since it was humid. I struggled with heat but overall experience was amazing. I did a lot of activities like underwater diving. I will definitely recommend.

hace 20 días



I can only recommend this experience if you are looking for a place where you can do your own thing and want to get rest from everything else. The communication is not perfect, so it can be that you will not know when you’re supposed to work or how you’re supposed to get the agreed meals everyday. The host is definitely a nice and friendly person, just the communication about the exchange needs to be improved.
Overall, if you’re looking to spend a lot of time on your own or at the beach it is a good place.

hace 1 mes

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I was at Utopia for 1 week (there was confusion about this even though I asked in my application if this was ok). There were minimal customers so it was a bit frustrating but the shifts were well respected (11-16 or 17-22). The staff are lovely but didn't really seem to know why I was there. I would offer to help with food prep and often got told no it's okay. Had to prompt for food most days. Maybe Yohan didn't brief them? I'm not sure. I didn't really see or speak to him much, he mainly texted the other volunteer. This has potential to be a great work-exchange if communication improves.

hace 2 meses

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My stay at utopia was really nice. Yohan is one of most kind and helpful person I ever met. Tasks was easy - take orders, wash dishes and little help in kitchen. Im not so handy person but I make it with some help from Yohan & other staff ♥️ thank you for make my stay in sri lanka more meaningful.

hace 4 meses

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