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Big Hairy cows and cute fluffy calves..everyboy loves them and they'll love you:-) A pretty good reason to come here? - but that's not all! You have the stunning scenery of the Scottish Highlands, immediate access to unfettered free walking and swimming, accommodation in an set of unique self-built eco-buildings - all within easy reach of mainline services to Inverness an Edinburgh.

Whoever is on the farm is part of the farm family - its as simple as that. Everyone is treated with respect and care - because that establishes a proper environment to live and work by. We eat together at least once a day because that really is the best way to share stories and ideas, and by working together we learn about co-operation and community - qualities that we need so badly these days.


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Roy es un muy buen anfitrión, respeta los tiempos de cada persona y es muy flexible. Uvie Farm es un sitio perfecto para desconectar de la ciudad y conectar con la naturaleza. El trabajo a realizar es sencillo y muy satisfactorio, repetiríamos sin lugar a dudas. Gracias Roy, ¡espero que nos volvamos a ver pronto!

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Things didn't work. Everyone's choice must be respected without being coerced or forced to do otherwise. Had to leave dues to these reasons without going into detail.

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It was a really nice experience, it seemed to me to live in a parallel reality, stimulating and relaxing at the same time

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Key tasks: to feed the highland cows, join morning meeting to discuss key opportunities, clean guests rooms, cook dinners, observe cattle’s need and take immediate actions to address them, e.g. checking if new born babies drinking milk from mum.

Takeaways: I met new friends and the knowledgeable cow expert host Roy, I learnt a lot about highland cattle and personally accomplished many breakthroughs: I learnt how to drive quad, improved in cooking, overcome fears in interacting with big cattle. Helping to ear tag baby cow, combing cow Alice, hiking peaceful mountains are just unforgettable.

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You did really well Amanda and Pang. Thank you for your help:-)
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