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Travellers will find in Vagabonds a proper travellers' home. A resting spot from the hikings, sailings or ridings of their lives. A cozy home were to chill under a blanket in front of the fire or sharing a glass with fellow ramblers. Watch movies, talk of everything and nothing ang get ready for a Irish pub at night! Other than that we organize meals together, we party together.. And you always have enough free time to follow your projects.

The staff here is a big enlarged family. A lot of former volunteers live now in Belfast on their own but they still come visit the nest; some of them jumping back from the other side of the world just to pop in for one. On the job we help each other out and we are always flexible with shifts and chores. The job is 1,5 - 2 hours cleaning the hostel everyday, plus 1 afternoon shift and 1 breakfast shift per week where you are in charge of the reception. Totally 23-28 hours per week most of which you will spend on the couch chatting and laughing.

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When I came to Vagabonds I was really shy. I'm naturally am introvert but came out my shel pretty quick, joining in with movie nights and drinks! Great craic. I would 100% reccomend this place to anyone. Bob & Richard are friendly, helpful and I've really enjoyed my stay. Had a lot banter and good memories. Be sad to leave but definitely plan on coming back. Till next time 😜

hace 2 meses



I love my experience in Vagabonds, they received me as an old friend. We have a looot of fun and nice drink's night! The staff become close friends! The tasks is more than easy and Bob was very flexible! Lov vagabonds ❤️🍀

hace 8 meses



If you want to have a good time in Belfast, you should go to this place! Thanks Bob and Richard!

hace 10 meses



Perfect place for my first volunteering experience! Thanks to Bob I am gonna miss you a lot and I am confident we will see each others again. Wish all the best to the team and long life to the hostel ❤️

hace 10 meses



I had fun and I met a lot of great people! I recommend this hostel!

hace 1 año

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