Vagabonds backpackers hostel

Travelers will find in Vagabonds a proper travelers' home.
A resting spot from the hikings, sailings or ridings of their lives. A cozy home were to chill under a blanket in front of the fire or sharing a glass with fellow ramblers.
Watch movies, talk of everything and nothing and get ready for a Irish pub at night!
Other than that we organize meals together, we party together..
And you always have enough free time to follow your projects.

The staff here is a big enlarged family. A lot of former volunteers live now in Belfast on their own but they still come visit the nest; some of them jumping back from the other side of the world just to pop in for one. On the job we help each other out and we are always flexible with shifts and chores. The job is 1,5 - 2 hours cleaning the hostel everyday, plus 1 afternoon shift and 1 breakfast shift per week where you are in charge of the reception. Totally 23-28 hours per week most of which you will spend on the couch chatting and laughing.

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This was my first experience abroad and i have to thank Bob a lot for the opportuniy he gave me. The job is simple and fluid and moreover you have a lot of time to spend with people or visit the city. The Hostel is cool with all the things for cooking and living well. Hope to see you again. Matteo

hace 13 días

Nueva Zelandia


I had a really fun time at Vagabonds! The hostel has a great atmosphere, the work is very manageable and Bob was great at being flexible around preferred days and shift swaps for the longer receptions stints. The volunteers’ shared room in the attic wasn’t the best, it was a bit shabby and stuffy but it was still nice to have your own space separate from the guests. Overall I had a great time and would highly recommend Vagabonds 😊

hace 14 días

Vagabonds respondido

Damn! I was away on holiday and it may be too late to leave an "official review" for her,however do not let this mislead you.
Whoever read this shall know that Helen is just the best.
Se dances, she sings, she cooks... she is the perfect volunteer/employ/friend
she was a pillar of light and reliability in our team.
Smart, professional, funny.
should she have stayed here longer she d be the boss in no time but alas, some birds are not made to be caged.
We miss you already!



I really loved working at vagabonds! the work was easy and only a couple of hours a day, the hostel is super warm and friendly and in a pretty central location. there's always someone to meet or hang out with and everything's well run

hace 24 días



If you're looking for a good time in a cozy home with nice people, Vagabonds is your place to go! The atmosphere in this hostel is amazing and all the people you meet, especially the volunteers and the staff are lovely. The place feels like a home away from home :)
The work is not too hard and the hours are exactly as agreed upon with plenty of time to discover the city.
Thank you all!

hace 3 meses



It was my first experience with Worldpackers and it couldn’t have been better! Bob, Richard and especially the other volunteers were the best, I got along with them very well, the atmosphere was amazing! We did a lot together, they were like a second family for me. It was also a very good opportunity to get to know travellers from all over the world. The work in the hostel is easy and fair, the shifts leave enough free time to enjoy Belfast. Totally recommended!!

hace 5 meses

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