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Hi there! I have traveled around the world for 9 years and visited 92 countries so far. I returned to Japan in 2018 and started a backpacker's hostel and English class for Japanese locals in my house. The house is surrounded by mountains, including Michelin 3-star Mount Takao, and many small rivers, beautiful hot springs, and the Sagami lake. The river right next to my house is beautiful, and you can swim there in the summer. It is still an hour away from Japan's largest downtown Shinjuku

I need your help to maintain the hostel and teach English to my Japanese students. You don't have to be from a native English-speaking country, but it is more important to have patience and the ability to speak slowly and clearly. The hours expected to work depend on the day. When it's busy, we usually work from around 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. preparing the rooms for guests. The work involves cleaning the rooms and keeping the house clean. If you have any suggestions or ideas for my hostel, they are most welcome. In the evenings, we have free conversation in the English class for 45 to 90 minutes. When it's not busy, you just need to maintain the house for a few hours. You will have one day off per week. I was a professional boxer before, so I conduct a free boxing training program in the morning. You can join anytime you want! Every Monday, we can use the school gym. We play basketball, volleyball, and badminton with the English class students! I can cover your food costs. We will cook together (I'm not a good chef, though, sorry... And lastly, this is important. Usually, my place is not busy, so I need a person who can take initiative.


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Kai’s place is awesome. It’s an excellent place to learn about Japan and to get to know a small community in Sagamiko. The people are all very welcoming and the place is very quaint and unique. The work isn’t difficult and there’s optional training which is great for improving your discipline. I would definitely recommend staying with Kai for at least 2 weeks but a longer stay will for sure teach you more.

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Words cannot describe how absolutely inspiring and genuine Kai is and as such made it one of the most memorable experiences. From the very beginning Kai made me feel as welcoming as a family member. He always went out of his way to help make my experience in helping conversational English with his students a truly inspiring experience. I also reccomend his "karate kid" style training exercise in the morning which will transform you into a new person!!

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Kai is an excellent host and I'm very happy to have worked with him. His home is very beautiful and completely immersed in gorgeous mountains. The English lessons are a lot of fun and the work hours are not too long so you have plenty of free time.

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