Varad Inn Hostel

You should choose us because Varad Inn is at the foot of the Petrovaradin Fortress, in a baroque house built in 1714, meters from the Danube river and city center. The neighbourhood is quiet and full of historic charm. We are looking for a volunteer/s   to help us bounce back from the lack of business due to Covid19. Varad Inn is a wonderful place. We are safe, clean, and we need your help 😊 We are a fairly new hostel and are looking for ideas on how to attract more quests, be present when guests arrive, help maintain cleanliness and keep an eye on things.  Volunteers should be eager, friendly, adaptable, be able to work independantly, know how to keep a high standard of cleanliness and most of all have patience with us as we are adjusting to new business practices inflicted by Covid19. Together we can be great!

We are like one big family. Each employee working at the hostel acts like the hostel is there home...volunteers could be volunteering with an unique group of people who will treat them as part of the family. As the owner I am open to suggestion and expect staff to communicate with me, other staff members amd take their duties seriously. Please note that due to Covid19 we now operate slightly differently, we do not have as many full time employees because guest are less frequent. Volunteers will be treated respectfully and with understanding, just as we want to be treated.


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This is an great place for volunteering!
I felt very welcomed since the first moment, because of that I extended a little my stay.
The tasks are easy and the schedule flexible, during these Corona time, there isn't much people in here, so I just have to keep the place clean and check-in the guests when they arrive.
This is a very beautiful hostel, and the location is perfect. Novi Sad is a wonderful city and Serbian people are vrry nice.
I strongly recommend!

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