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We are on worldpackers to help support our programs for the children's, women and youth in my community, my Facebook page Ubuntu humanity Christian outreach Livingston Zambia for my updates, please give me a call or whats app me on +260 966014332, we do provide education to the children's age 5 to 14 without hope for education and currently we have abut 40 children's attending our home school we ask for a contribution of 10 dollar per person per night from our gust and volunteers staying with us or other lodges and back packers to supporting our programs and keep us going. We provide dinner to our guest that is local meals and we are currently looking for sustainable projects ideas from our volunteers and gusts, we accommodate volunteers and tourist who wants to experience typical local Zambian life, local foods,beers and interact with this childrens,woman and youths in my community. We have one privet room and shared rooms with bunk beds, transport is always available at the volunteer house and we organize airport pick ups, any form of donations like old Men, women and children second hand shoes, clothes, books, etc are most welcome. We also help arrange many tourist activities like vic falls bungee jump, game drives, boat cruise, helicopter rides, micro light, Chobe game pack in Botswana, Rural Area/Compounds visit Mukuni Village, white water rafting, etc. I will be happy to welcome you and would try to make your stay unforgettable. I look forward to hear from you. Chen Shimon (for English swipe down) היי! הפוסט קצת ארוך אבל אשמח אם תקדישו דקה מזמנכם לקרוא למען מטרה טובה :) אני חן, מטיילת באפריקה כבר מעל 4 חודשים, אתמול הגעתי לליוינגסטון, זמביה והכרתי מהאפליקציה המדהימה קאוצ'סרפינג בחור עם לב זהב. אייבור ואישתו פתחו את ביתם והקימו 'בית ספר חברתי' שהוא ללא תשלום עבור ילדים שהוריהם לא יכולים לממן בית ספר ממשלתי/פרטי בשבילם. אשתו היא מורה עם תעודה והתמקצעות באנגלית, מתמטיקה ומדעים עד כיתה ה'. הם התחילו לפני שנה עם 8 תלמידים ועכשיו יש להם 38 תלמידים בגילאי 3-11, בנוסף יש להם שני ילדים ביולוגים שלהם בני 8 ו 3. 38 תלמידים שלומדים עם מורה אחת בסלון הבית שלהם, חלקם לומדים על הרצפה כי אין מספיק מקום. בית הספר הוא בין השעות 8:00-12:00, אייבור ואישתו מחפשים מתנדבים שיכולים לעזור וגם עוד מורה שתוכל לעזור לאשתו. הם ובית הספר מתקיימים רק מתרומות, פרטי איש הקשר של אייבור הם: whatsapp number +260966014332 email: [email protected] אשמח שתשתפו את הפוסט כדי שיגיע לכמה שיותר אנשים :) תודה Community school: Amazing Ivor from Livingston, Zambia opened 1 year ago community school in their home, school for free, for children their parents can't afford pay for government/private school. They have started with 8 kids, now they have 38. They all stady in Ivor sitting room, some they sit on the floor because there is no enough space. The kids are from 3 years old til 11 in different levels with one teacher. Sillar she is a teacher with certificate of grade 1-4. Ivor work for free and manage this school from donations and volunteers. They looking for some teacher that can come and teach the children for free from 8:00 till 12:00. Also if you can donate money and volunteer in their place you are most welcome. For Financial donations Zambia national commercial bank(zanaco) livingstone branch account name ivor makasa acc number 5326564100158 swift code swift code ZNCOZMLU Sort code 011044

Volunteer house is located at the center of Livingstone city, 1 Km walk to town 8 km to the Victoria falls and 6 km to the airport accommodation, airport pick ups guide to Victoria Falls, family church visits, markets and rural community Tours are organised we also prepare local Zambia foods to our gust and also show them how to prepare them.

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Wonderful experience! Ivor and Sillar are amazing and help with everything. The children are the best.



Three weeks was not enough, I loved every minute there. Sillar and Ivor are great hosts. And pillar and siphiwe (their children) are the best company. More help than i thought was needed. Don’t hesitate in visit them. You will love all the children !!



It was amazing! I wish I could stay longer. This school needs help as they said in the website. All of them are absolutely lovely people.



Sillar and Ivor are great hosts! We deeply enjoyed their company and the school kid's!

Totally recommended!



Sellar and Ivor are absolutely amazing and they are doing a great job in the community. They're knowledgeable and helpful as well. Thank you so much.


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