Vila Veselova

Vila Veselova is not your typical hostel. It's a classical old villa that has been converted into a cool youth hostel. Only a five minute walk from a beautiful Tivoli park.

We promise you'll feel like home! Big spacious rooms with comfy beds are a guarantee for a good night's sleep. We are all like one big family and we want you to become a part of it!


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It was a very nice experience! The location is really good because everything is 5-10 min walk. Natasa is super friendly :) and the hostel has a really nice vibe. Cleaning tasks should be done correctly. I would recommend it 100%




I had a really good experience, i was responsible of the night shift and its quite easy. People who work here are so nice, the location is perfect, nice and comfy building. I made many friends there, its such a nice experience!
I recommend




The experience was good in the hostel, the work is not heavy in the night shift and the people who work in the hostel are very kind.
However, the conditions are not as agreed.
1) Instead of 2 days off, I only had 1.
2)the night shift begins at 8, but you cannot leave the hostel because you must take care of it. You don't have to be awake, but you have to be with the cell phone in case of any emergency. You must serve breakfast so that it is ready at 8 in the morning. Therefore, you must be in the hostel for 12 hours.
3) To be fair, the hostel also provides breakfast and a second meal




The day I've arrived, there was a music concert in the garden! How lucky!
1 week later there was another one! and last week, a premiere of a 'theatre' show (SO amazing!) this kind of events and ambiance make this hostel very special!

The hostel is a very nice comfy building, nice area of the city.
The team is nice and friendly, they give the best advice to guests, and they really know about everything going on in Ljubljana!
It may be a small city, but it's my cute "fairy tale" town forever :)

I was here 1 month, half in cleaning+nights, and after only on nights, it went fast!




Fue una buena experiencia, Eslovenia es un país realmente sorprendente y maravilloso y tiene miles de rincones para recorrer. El hostel tiene muy buenas instalaciones y el personal es muy amable. Las tareas de limpieza son muy duras y a veces se trabaja más de las 5 horas del tuno, pero cuando en la semana lo combinan con los turnos de recepción nocturna se hacen muy llevaderas las tareas al final de la semana.


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