From May until October it is like being on holiday: we go to the beach very often, we have a swimming pool at home and we have boat trips during the summer. We are not far away from Rome, Pisa, Siena, Florence and you can easily visit these cities 😜

They will be treated like members of the family ☺️ We like when we can build a relationship with our guests and we can keep in touch once they leave or they come back to visit us. My kids are used to having foreign people around.


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Had an amazing time with the whole family. The kids speak great English and we're full of energy. Great balance between the work and just having fun. This is a full immersion in Tuscan culture. 10/10 :)

hace 3 meses

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Veruscka, Alessandro, and the boys are a wonderful family. They are very welcoming, and Veruscka took the time to carefully explain responsibilities and required work time. These expectations were clear, and she clearly wanted me to feel like part of the family. Despite these positives, I decided to end my experience earlier than expected, because I realized the level of energy needed to engage two boys, particularly a 6 year old, was more than I could sustain while also leaving me time and motivation to pursue my own goals.

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I really enjoyed my time volunteering at the home. The family was lovely and made me feel very welcome. The kids are super energetic and playful. The family is also very inclusive and makes you feel like apart of the family; they bring you along to lunches, dinners and also family outings. Veruscka is an excellent host and does a great job at communicating whatever needs to be done. I very much enjoyed my stay!

hace 9 meses



I had a lovely experience with Veruscka, Alessandro and the 2 kids, Andrea and Samuele :) . They have amazing english skills, very funny and lovely kids. Endless afternoons swimming and lots of love to receive and give!.
If you like playing with kids and taking care of them, this experience is for you.
Thank you for everything, lovely family.

hace 11 meses

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