Villa Villa Bula

Volunteer at my place as a great place to be near all the happenings in Ithaca. You'll have the choice to camp near a State park with park trails to waterfalls and Fingerlakes trails as well! You can also stay in a room with a private bath, a glamping shed when finished or if you come with a group I have a whole separate space for you! It's a laid back atmosphere. I respect privacy and space to be alone balanced with shared meals or tea. I do work full time so you can be on your own or with the friends. I work full time but am happy to show you around the fingerlakes on my days off

I am a wellness associate at a health food store so I'm nutritionally aware in the food that I share. I'm happy to share my knowledge and make a tea blend or natural remedy for you. Im patient and approachable and have compassionate communication skills. You won't be working with staff here. It's a residential area with a slice of country. I'm a homeowner with vision for my land. Feel free to bring your friends here for night time bonfires, music or just a retreat while working outdoors. Or feel free to come on your own and be set up with privacy and anything you need to be on your own retreat. You can let me know what you find most comfortable.

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