Vine-tower survival farm

People usually come to help just because they enjoy the place and the company. If it could be described in just one word it'll be 'balance' . I think it's a nice spot, not extremely far from the city neither too close. Things are quite basic and meant for simple living as independent from the system as possible, however it's not designed for comfort and might not be for everyone.

I'm a quite chill person who enjoys art and nature. As you can see in some pictures I only have one hand, and might crack nasty jokes about it, lol. Aside from my serious appearance, I'm open minded and I enjoy the different ways of living.


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If you’re looking for a different experience in the nature it’s the right place for you; you need to be a person easy adaptable and with initiative. Even though in January there wasn’t so much to do I enjoyed the stay and I had a good time

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I had a really good time at the farm. The work is really fun to do and you can work whenever and as hard as you want. Jaime’s English is really good and he’s a really friendly chill easy going guy.
I have to mention that you’ll only work with Jaime and you’ll even share a room with him. For me that wasn’t a problem, but I was only there for 5 days.

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I really loved everything about my stay. The property was great and the animals were lovely. Throughout my stay, i mostly worked in the garden, watering plant or planting new things. I think it might differ, depending on what time of the year you visit. As you will be able to read in the previous review and the description, there will be some things you need to adapt to. The way the shower works, or the noise from the road. In my experience, you'll get used to it fast.

I will recommend this place, especially if you want to enjoy the farming lifestyle.

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I had the best time at this farm. Jamie is a great host & I would recommend others to volunteer at his farm. Jamie is very flexible & you can agree in advance how you want to work & what days you want off. He also made sure to make me feel comfortable & at home at the farm. I slept on an air mattress & the shower was ok haha :) We had some issues with the shower but Jamie made sure I had water so I could shower and feel clean. Another thing to mention is: There is no internet there but Jamie shared his phone data with me whenever i nedded it, which was much appreciated. THANK YOU JAMIE!

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