Vishenki English School

What We Offer:
- Full board ( home-cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner--often with vegetables that were still growing in our vast backyard garden that same morning.)
- Lodging ( a private room)
- Live an authentic Ukrainian experience
- Russian/ Ukrainian language practice
- Opportunity to learn how to cook Ukrainian dishes
- Crash course in looking after twins & early childhood development

UPDATE of September 6th, 2023 Our village hasn't been affected by the war in Ukraine. We are very lucky! We are a Russian and Ukrainian-speaking family of 5: myself Elena (43), my mum Nathalie (71), my husband Sergey (42), and our twin boys ( 43 months old).


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Elena and family were very kind and welcoming.   I was sick much of the time,  and yet, they treated me as part of the family, even though we had just met.   The work hours are 2-4 hours per day, with two days off.  There is plenty of time each day to walk around the village, hang with the family, or just goof off .  

I highly encourage you to take this opportunity to immerse yourself in Ukrainian culture with this great family and school. Make it a 2-3 month adventure if you have the availability. You will leave better off for having been here. It was an amazing experience.

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Vishenki English School, an amazing place. You will make a real contribution here. Work schedules, loads, and expectations are clear, comprehensive, flexible and manageable. You are bound to learn Ukrainian and Russian languages skills as you work, as well as fundamentals of child care. Your hosts will ensure you are comfortable and happy each day. When I was sick, they bought specialized medicines and offered it to me for free. The food is amazing and abundant, and sourced locally. Experience the might of Kyiv, and the gentle touch of a rural setting. I could not recommend this place more.

hace 6 meses

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Staying with Elena and her family was an absolute delight. I got to understand so much more about Ukrainian culture and, along with having a chance to teach local kids and teens, I feel I've got a much better understanding of this fascinating part of the world. My students were hardworking, fun, appreciative and—something that keeps all teachers happy—relatively quick learners. The house/school is not too far away from Kyiv, so there's lots to do even during the war, but it was always a pleasure coming back home to the people and the delicious food!

hace 7 meses

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