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The kids are what make this place so special. They are wonderful children who are always happy to meet new people. There are 25 kids and although they are very self-sufficient they love having the help of travelers. It's a laid-back atmosphere and the majority of the work is to play with the kiddos and help them with their homework. You're also welcome to take them to the playground, to a movie, or to teach them a new game from your country! Food and accommodation is also covered and you're welcome to use the kitchen to make the kids your local dishes. You'll stay in a lovely apartment that is a few minutes away from the house and you'll be provided with 3 delicious meals a day.

Please be assured you will always receive a warm a warm welcome at Papa’s Children Home. Our aim is to provide our guests with comfortable, clean, well-equipped and affordable accommodation. We wish to make your stay in Kathmandu an enjoyable and positive experience. The accommodation we offer sleeps and food. There are both single and double rooms each with western style facilities. Our team are dedicated to making your stay a positive experience, one you will wish to share with others. Our wonderful staff are the soul of our home, they are well trained to assist you with any queries at any time. We are charging $10 provides Bed, breakfast, lunch and dinner. the choice is yours. We also offer you a wonderful opportunity to combine your travel experience and be part of ‘Papa’s Home’ by volunteering to give some of your time and share your skills to 25 delightful children who love to meet new friends from all over the world. Playing sports with them on a Saturday, helping with homework, having fun. Come and share your energy with us! Be enriched by the experience of our comfortable and warm surroundings. We look forward to welcoming you as a guest and friend.


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Papas home is a very Nice place to stay during your time in Nepal. You get a good insight to nepali culture and their way of living. The children are very sweet.
There isn’t so many tasks to do as the children do everything on their own and dont have much time for fun and playing.
In the beginning it is difficult to find out what to do because you only get little introduction.
But overall it is a good Way to learn nepali culture

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I stayed 23 days in Papas Home and I enjoyed it, the kids are very sweet and like to meet new volunteers. I can not give feedback about the kids normal routine and the work that is suppose to do as a volunteer, because during my stay in the orphanage the kids were the all time in vacation...
It was a positive experience, in the begining me and the other volunteers did not know what to do, because the kids did not have a schedule, but with some imagination and initiative we were able to create some activities to do with them, like games and treasure hunts

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It was a great experience with the kids as almost every one of them were eager to learn something or the other. Learning different languages was definitely a priority for them apart from introducing them to different games and activities and helping them out with their homework. The hosts Mr. and Mrs. Shahi along with the entire family of Papas Home were really helpful with the accommodation as well as referring to sites to visit when I would be traveling to the rest of Nepal during my vacation.Movies,Puzzles, Dance, Languages, Football, Snacks is what sets the children going.

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The children are awesome! They are so nice and eager to learn. I focused on hygiene skills, learning English and discussing future stuff like networking and job/studying opportunities. I recommend as a volunteer you find ingenuous ways to help them with their future so that they feel encouraged in seeking a bright one.

Prepare for things like bed bugs and cold showers (it's a part of the Nepal experience) and note that you pay 10 dollars a day for food and accommodation. I recommend that you make sure not to be the only volunteer.

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Lalit and his staff were in contact all the time, paying attention always.

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