Volunteer with a Sustainable Green Village

Out in the eastern Uganda lies our farm house. We live here, we have on-going farming activities from planting, weeding to harvesting. We have different sorts of vegetables, fruits and food crops, using methods by the locals, we always require extra hands, knowledge, skills. If you are looking for something meaningful while getting your hands dirty, you are welcome here, even without experience you can learn how we do it or you can also teach us what you know, we are open to learn and share what we know! We live in a simple house and live the farm routine, if you want to live that experience, come join us!

I, Ken the founder of a project out in rural village Mayirinya, eastern Uganda. We run a farm house and plot of 5acre of land, that I decided to turn into a community based solidarity project – trying to help out the locals by providing varied crops, support and, in term, easy access to water and renewable energy, we also work to ensure that there is talent development in the community. Everyone is always waiting for the changes in the project, we are very positive that with the help of the international community, we can do everything in the community. I live within the community on the farm working with the locals, and are trying to raise funds to be able to turn our place into a small sustainable village that in turn will support other communities. Our farm needs help : from planting, weeding to harvesting. We always require extra hands, knowledge, skills, especially in permaculture. The majority of our land still requires to be cultivated : there is a lot of work to be done !

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