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A Volunteer should choose our place because we have been doing this work of hosting volunteers since 2010 and have received more than 3000 volunteers. We have the experience, and above all, we have great projects where we place all our volunteers.

I started Volunteers 2 Uganda in 2010, currently we have a great team that welcomes an keeps volunteers hospitable. Volunteers should expect to make another family away from where they are coming from


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I had a wonderful time volunteers at Volunteers 2 Uganda! The school and the Chrystal Centre have the most incredible, smiley, and engaging children, who taught me about their life and welcomed me with open arms! I'd like to especially thank Mim, who was a lovely, kind host, Arnold for helping me settle in at the centre and teaching me about the importance of the world that the Chrystal Centre, and Brian who transported me safely and easily to work and back every day! An unbelievable experience!

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David respondido

We shall greatly miss you Gace but above all we welcome you back any time you feel like.

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I would recommend everyone to experience Chrystal’s Children center! They welcomed me with open arms! Getting the opportunity to meet all the children and learn all about the culture of Uganda is something I will never forget!

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This 2-week experience was a great life experience even if it was unfortunately too short. I took everyone into my heart so quickly because the host family and everyone in the orphanage made me feel very welcome and always made sure that I felt comfortable. Special thanks goes to Mim, Arnold and Brian the driver, who always drove me safely to work with the Bodaboda. Working at the center with the children was the most beautiful and emotional thing I have ever experienced. The children are such wonderful souls and are so trusting and I thank every child for the smiles, the fun and the love!

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David respondido

You are such an amazing person too and shall be greatly missed.



My time with Volunteers 2 Uganda was definitely memorable. I had a ton of fun helping out with various ongoing projects. I spent the first week at Chrystal Children's Center where I did basic household tasks, taught and played with the kids. The second week I worked on the farm where I took care of the animals. The overall stay with David’s family was lovely! One thing to note is that the volunteering fee was a little bit more than what was indicated on the worldpackers posting, but nonetheless, it was still a great experience!

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I had an absolutely amazing experience volunteering in Uganda! Out of all the places I've volunteered before, Uganda truly felt like home to me. I wish I could have stayed longer because David, his family, and the program staff were incredibly kind and welcoming. They made sure I felt comfortable both at the house and at my assignment location. Teaching, nurturing, and loving the children was an absolute honor. I am grateful for the opportunity to have made a positive impact and create lasting memories in Uganda.

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