Wadi Rum Magic Nature Camp

We offer incredible sights, free tours to our volunteers, access to all camp facilities, and you will be treated like a member of our family. Wadi Rum is a place like no other and coming to volunteer with us is the perfect way to experience it.

We have a small team mostly comprised of our family. You will be treated like a member of our family, with plenty of time to relax and enjoy the culture.


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What a great, genuine Bedouin experience! Thank you to Rashid and his family (Fadi, Hani and Awad) who have taken care of us while we experience the Bedouin life ❤️

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This experience was amazing. Rashed and his family always care for the volunteers and guests with great respect. The Wadi Rum environment is breathtaking.

It is great to meet other travellers from all around the world. The camp has wi-fi and a big room for eating with the guests, and a big room for relaxing and playing games in. The Jeep tour was amazing also!

The work hours were very good, some days were quiet on the camp, the work for me was mainly camp maintenance and only in the mornings most of the time and you get the rest of the afternoon to relax/explore.

Thank you Rashed!

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This experience has been on of the best in my life. It was my first worldpackers volunteering, but definitely not the last. Rashed and his family made me feel welcomed, I felt like home. Got the chance to meet international travelers and enjoy the beauty of the desert. I’m too sad I only stayed for a week, wish I could stay longer. However, I hope I will come back soon. Huge thanks to Rashed and his family for everything <3

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Working here has got to be one of the best experiences of my life. After being on the road for several months, this was the exact change of pace that I wanted. Rashed and his family were extremely friendly and immediately welcomed me into the family. I felt like I was at home; like I was one of their brothers. I also had the chance to interact with people from all over the world. The daily tasks were straightforward, allowing for a lot of free time to explore the desert. This will forever be my second home. I truly appreciate this opportunity and recommend it to everyone. Thank you Rashed.

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My first Worldpacker experience & couldnt ask for a better start! Environment, people & food were all amazing. In terms of work- you have to take responsibility over yourself, see whats expected of you and plan to get it done. Work was balanced with fun and relaxing activities. Definitely recommend to other volunteers!

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