Wallingford Homestead

Formerly known as Wallingford Station, the homestead is situated in the stunning central Hawke’s Bay region of New Zealand’s North Island and has a rich history. Wallingford operates as a restaurant and luxury accommodation attracting guests from all over the world. The homestead houses a maximum of 25 guests at a time and we also host group functions (with or without accommodation included). There is also a pristine heating swimming pool with pool house. The homestead has an extensive vegetable and herb garden underway as well as an existing (small but productive) orchard consisting of apples, pears, plums, citrus, stone fruit, quince, feijoa and many more. Truffles also form part of our unique harvest and we incorporate all the produce into our world-class, ever-changing restaurant menu.

Chris and I have recently taken over the management of the homestead and our vision is to create a joyful space with a focus on fabulous food, healing and wellbeing. We have been in the hospitality game for decades (in Australia) and treat everyone we deal with respect and fairness. We have four pretty French chickens, and two sheep dogs (who are family pets rather than working dogs!).

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