The Waterhouse is by the River of Plentzia, a very quiet and peaceful small town. The Waterhouse has got a beautiful garden surrounded by trees, one only needs to open the gate and the river is just there.

We are around 50 people who love supping and whenever we can (almost every day) get together and go to the sea or up the river and practice sup & yoga. We are easy going people and friendly. We like keeping things as simple as possible, so everybody is always willing to keep things nice and tidy and help each other or give a hand in the Waterhouse.

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What a wonderful experience! The club is perfectly located on the green banks of a river with direct access to crystal clear waters of the Bay of Biscay. As a Worldpacker, you can participate in a multitude of fun SUP trips, soaking in the lush landscapes from the river or watching the sunset in the sea.
All the members of the Waterhouse are absolutely delightful. Spending time with them was a pleasure. These guys are good fun!
The organisers are kind and caring: thank you Aketza and Edurne! Big shout out to Amagoia, for being such a great friend!
Miss you all already. muakk

3 meses atrás


Goazenup es un magnífico lugar para desconectar del mundo y conectar con el agua en todos las vertientes, la gente del lugar es maravillosa y desde el primer momento te hacen sentir uno más, lo cual se agradece enormemente, un auténtico placer la experiencia y seguro que en algún momento volveré!

5 meses atrás


This is defintly an experience i would recommend to any traveler, not only you feel welcome from the very first day but you become part of a legendary club of people with you are on the move around beautifull places surronding Plentzia. Tasks are overall fearly easy to do like help carrying surf boards or assitance in events, every day was a new experience, they have all this activities like surfing, stand up paddling, surf yoga, hatta yoga, healthy dinners, trekking, fishing, among others with partenerships that you will be part of. This was my first experience with WP and def amazing!!

9 meses atrás


Esta experiencia llego a mi en el momento justo y estoy muy agradecida por eso. Aketza es una persona hermosa con la cual ame la comunicacion que tuvimos. Tiene una familia con la cual tambien compartimos algunos dias y siento que me ensenaron mucho. Agradezco la buena energia constante y la capacidad de disfrutar de lo mas simple. Gracias por recibirme y gracias por hacer lo que hacen. Personalmente siento que es un lugar que suma muchas cosas lindas a todos los que pasan por ahi. Se los recomiendo a todos y espero volver a vernos algun dia :)

11 meses atrás


I had an amazing experience at Goazenup! I was very well received by Aketza, who is an amazing person! Very kind, lovely, human, fun and with a huge heart! He has a beautiful and incredible family that also welcomed me very well! I felt very good to them all. The other members of the association are also very nice and friendly. Everyone always with a smile on face and ready to help. The town of Plentzia is small and charming. Pure nature! A perfect place for those seeking peace, tranquility and contact with nature. Without a doubt I recommend the Goazenup for travelers! I had good friends!

1 año atrás

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