Watermill Garcia

old restored mill in paradisiac surrounding. Nature, river, waterfall. Calm place to contact with the nature and in summer with guests and pilgrims who pass through.
As well looking for housesitters in winter.

bed for free. According to the daily working hours volunteers provide their own food or enjoy full board service. Self supply when you work relaxed 3h/day, 5 days the week and full board when you work, 5h/day 5 days the week. Mixed option as well possible. Always depending on the labor needs, but as well the skills and motivation of the volunteers. In summer only 1 volunteer. As well looking for housesitters in winter.

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I had such a nice time volunteering here! I came during the off season so there wasn’t many guests so it was quiet, but I enjoyed it a lot! It was very peaceful. I painted a couple of the doors during my stay which I had so much fun with! Meals were always delicious and the bedroom was so comfortable and cozy! Also, There are 2 cats that live there and both are the SWEETEST! 🥺❤️
I always felt cared for and safe! :D If you are comfortable with spending a lot of time in peace and solitude and in nature, then I recommend volunteering here! Just bring a book 📚 ❤️💐Thanks for everything!!

hace 9 días



I had a great experience. Nikolaus was very respectful, kind and always willing to help. The place is also beautiful and has a very pleasant environment, excellent for resting, reading and studying. Simply grateful for everything.

hace 1 mes



Niko es una persona sumamente respetuosa de tu espacio y de tu tiempo. Te explica exactamente qué y cómo debes hacer la tareas diarias. La comunicación fue buena en todo momento, es muy flexible y adaptable a tus necesidades. Le gusta mucho cocinar y platicar de diversos temas. El albergue está en un pueblo muy tranquilo. Altamente recomendable si lo que quieres es conectar contigo mismo y con la naturaleza. Gracias por todo!

hace 4 meses



Nikolaus fue muy respetuoso con todo, con los tiempos y tenía la paciencia de explicar cada tarea paso a paso y dar consejos o indicaciones… quedándome como única voluntaria me sentí muy cómoda y respetada en todo momento y disfruté tanto de realizar las tareas del albergue (que me parece que es completamente Justo y razonable) y de jardinería como del lugar y la cascada lo más que pude como también de conocer a los viajeros que pasan por el albergue… me sentí muy cómoda en todo momento y fue un buen lugar para estar conmigo y con la naturaleza en tranquilidad

hace 5 meses



It’s a beautiful place. You’re surrounded by trees with a river and waterfall you can bathe in. A small town center is in walkable distance. It is amazing meeting the hikers coming to sleep there for a night. In he evenings you eat pilgrims dinner with them and I spent interesting and inspiring moments them. If there wouldn’t have been any guests coming every night I personally would have felt a bit lonely. Nikolaus is clear with the work, and I felt safe staying with him and being alone with him though he is not the most warm and welcoming, he treated me more neutrally I would say.

hace 6 meses

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